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Voith Retarder 115 CT – a step-up gear retarder with high braking torque

    The Voith 115 CT is a step-up gear retarder with a high braking torque. It has a self-contained oil supply system and is integrated into the vehicle’s braking management system. In conjunction with the service brakes, it provides optimal braking action. At the same time, the retarder increases riding comfort, for example via the v-constant function that keeps speed constant downhill, in the same way as downhill cruise control, without the additional use of the service brakes.

    Voith Retarder 115 CT

    Features and benefits

    • Integrated step-up gear retarder
    • High braking moments
    • Autarchic oil supply system
    • Standard power take-offs possible without modification
    • Reserve power steering pump and tachometer pickup are not restricted
    • Standard universal joint shaft length is not affected by the retarder

    Technical Data

    Voith Retarder VR 115 CT    
    Step-up ratio i = 2,0 i = 1,85
    Max. rated braking torque 3 200 Nm 2 960 Nm
    Maximum speed at the propshaft 2 500 rpm 2 700 rpm
    Standard operation 5-stage hand-brake switch
    stage 1 v -const. (downhill cruise control)
    option: foot control
    Operation medium oil (see fuel specification)  
    Fill rate (Oil change) 6,4 l  
    Control medium
    compressed air  
    Unit weight incl. heat exchanger without operating medium 52 kg  
    Nominal voltage 24 V  
    CAN-bus-specific electronic control system VERA  


    Functional principle


      Service – where your truck is in good hands

        Whether it’s maintenance or repairs, troubleshooting, or the functional testing of individual components: our professionals will make sure you stay on the road. At the Voith retarder workshop in Crailsheim, and throughout the world.

        Judge us by our performance

        • Onboard troubleshooting and upgrade 
        • Replacement and repair 
        • Repair of supplied retarders (all model series) 
        • Troubleshooting and functional testing of individual components 
        • Worldwide delivery of Voith original spare parts, as well as 
        • replacements and basic retarders

        Retarder oil list

        Do you have any questions about Voith Retarder 115 CT? We’re here to help!

          Service contact

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          Hardtstraße 8 74564 Crailsheim, Germany


          t +49 7951 32-531

          Technical Support

          Technical Support


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          Spare parts orders

          Spare parts orders


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