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Turbo Transmissions

At Home over Long Distances.

Turbo Transmissions. Extremely Long Service Life.

Our turbo transmissions are built with almost wear-free components. They have an exceptionally long service life and require minimal maintenance. They undergo continuous improvement and have provided the highest reliability and quality for eighty years. These reasons and others are why our transmissions have become best-sellers. Quite a success story. For our customers, above all.


Products and Applications

Product Overview


S111 turbo transmission – Combines compact design with low operating costs

250 kW maximum transmission input power

T 211 re.4 turbo transmission – The champion of the rails

100 – 160 km/h
350 kW maximum transmission input power

T 212 bre turbo transmission  – Over tenthousand in service

120 - 180 km/h
450 kW maximum transmission input power

T 312 bre turbo transmission - Universal transmission

160 – 220 km/h
650 kW maximum transmission input power

L 311 reV2 turbo transmission  – One transmission for drive and seven auxiliary systems

650 kW maximum transmission input power

L 220 re(s)e V2 + KB 190 turbo transmission  – Great performance in the smallest possible space

350 kW maximum transmission input power

L 520 rzU2 turbo transmission  - Our high-speed record

up to 250km/h
1 400 kW maximum transmission input power

L 530 breU2 turbo transmission – High starting tractive effort, optimal efficiency

1 700 kW maximum transmission input power

LS 640 reU2 turbo transmission  – The world's most powerful locomotive transmission

4 200 kW maximum transmission input power

L 620 turbo transmission – Exceptional reliability and availability

2 700 kW maximum transmission input power

DIWARail hydromechanical transmission – The model for minimal wear around the world

80 – 140 km
320 kW maximum transmission input power

State-Of-The-Art Control and Diagnostic Systems

Electronic control systems must rapidly transmit operational data and diagnostic information via data networks. They communicate with the vehicle bus. They support the user with carefully analyzed operating, monitoring, and diagnostic concepts as well as standardized communication protocols. Their configuration tools link various components in an easy and simple manner.


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List of lubricants:
So that it always runs

Please only use lubricants recommended or approved by Voith. In this way, your turbo transmission runs and runs and runs and runs....

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