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Voith Hydrodamp - vibration dampers for commercial vehicles

Improve cost-effectiveness with the Voith Hydrodamp

High-torque commercial vehicle engines that are optimized for consumption are more demanding on the drive train today than before. This demand results in substantially greater component wear. The advanced Voith Hydrodamp torsional vibration damper works against these conditions.

It provides hydraulic damping and isolates vibrations of the drive train to protect against overloads and to extend the service life of all components. As a maintenance-free unit located between the engine and the transmission or drive shaft, it "has flexible reactions to complex vibration scenarios. The Voith Hydrodamp recognizes the different needs between vibration damping and vibration isolation and adjusts appropriately using its hydraulic principle of operation. As a result, it reduces vibration and noise, increases comfort and improves cost-effectiveness. The vibration damper is available in three vehicle-specific and application-specific series for engine torques up to 3,700 Nm. Each can be adjusted in terms of damping and spring characteristics to suit individual customer requirements. Equipped in this way, the flexible Voith Hydrodamp has proven itself in the tractors, construction machinery, buses and rail vehicles of leading manufacturers.

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The new Hydrodamp 365 HT

Especially developed for agricultural tractors

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Even a large tractor enjoys a smooth drive train.

The Hydrodamp 365 HT uses state-of-the-art technology to damp torsional vibrations of high-power engines. The result is an optimized setup that is custom designed for the use in tractors. The two-stage characteristic and the higher torque capacity meet the requirements of tractors while achieving the most economical operation.

  • Increases the service life and operational availability of your tractor.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Enables the use of high-power engines (downsizing).
  • Increases driving comfort due to reduced vibrations.

Hydrodamp: Three series for every purpose

    Hydrodamp HTSD 300 / HTSD 300 LS

    The Series 300 is intended for medium to heavy tractors and construction machinery with continuously variable transmissions and powershift transmissions.
    • Engine torques up to 1,650 Nm
    • Hydraulic damping system using damping greases
    • Weight-optimized sheet metal forming technology
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    Hydrodamp HTSD 365

    The 365 series was designed for automatic transmissions in buses and rail vehicles as well as for heavy tractors and construction machinery with powershift transmissions and continuously variable transmissions.
    • Engine torques up to 2,600 Nm
    • Hydraulic damping system with damping oil or damping greases
    • Idling stage, several operating stages and terminal operating stage
    • Available as a flange version or as a drive shaft version
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    Hydrodamp HTSD 400

    With the Series 400, Voith offers a solution designed for heavy rail vehicle transmissions and large tractors.
    • Engine torques up to 3,700 Nm
    • Hydraulic damping system using damping oil or damping greases
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      Experience and development competence

        The Hydrodamp is the result of talent and experience that have been developed over decades together with knowledge gained in the area of hydrodynamics. Many years of international project partnerships with customers and universities in collaboration with the high skill level of our employees allow Voith to set the standards in the development of innovative, goal-oriented products.

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        Function: How the Voith Hydrodamp works

          When passing through resonance points (e.g., when starting or stopping the engine) and in the event of load surges during operation, dampers in drive trains must provide a great amount of damping energy. In the operating range, however, this is precisely what makes vibration isolation more difficult. Engine irregularities can lead to significant vibration and noise problems – a dilemma that the Hydrodamp solves.


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