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Variable Speed Drives for Industrial Applications

Variable Speed Drives (VSD),
Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD)

Voith variable speed drives operate on the principle of hydrodynamic power transmission. They control the speed of the driven machine in drives with electric motor or combustion engine. The driven machine always runs at the optimum speed for the process. This technology is energy efficient and environmentally-friendly thanks to lower CO2 emissions.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Vorecon variable speed planetary gears
  • Geared variable speed couplings
  • Variable speed fluid couplings
  • Hydrodynamic torque converters

The Voith variable speed drives transmit power through moving fluid. They operate very reliably without power electronics that are prone to interference. The trans­mittable power ranges from 100 kW up to over 65 MW.

The Next Generation VoreconNX

The VoreconNX is the latest development in hydrodynamic power transmission in combination with a planetary gear, designed to control your driven machine in the most efficient and reliable way.



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Vorecon Variable Speed Planetary Gear

Voith's Vorecon variable speed
plan­etary gear controls the speed
of pumps, compressors, and fans
in the 1 – 50 MW power range.

Geared Variable Speed Couplings

Geared variable speed couplings control the speed of compressors, pumps and coal mills in the 0.1 – 30 MW power range.

Variable Speed Fluid Couplings


Variable speed fluid couplings control the speed of pumps, fans and other machines in the 0.1 – 10 MW power range.

Hydrodynamic Torque Converter

Based on the fundamentals of hydrodynamic power transmission, Voith Torque Converters offer great versatility when it comes to torque and speed modulation customized to the characteristics of each individual driven machine.