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Fluid coupling type TPKL

The fill-controlled fluid coupling type TPKL is especially suitable for tough use on conveyor belt drives in the mining industry. Ideal for the respective load condition of the belt, the TPKL regulates acceleration extremely gently. This protects the belt, prevents downtimes and increases the service life of the system. Even very difficult start up procedures are possible at short sequential intervals thanks to the standstill re-cooling. With multi-motor drives, the fluid coupling ensures active load sharing.

With the type DTPKL, two axially arranged working circuits act in parallel. This enables twice as much power transmission with the same overall height.
For lower shaft centerline heights, the variant (D)TPKL-R has a flatter, but longer tank. The most compact design is offered by the (D)TPKL-E as it has no oil tank of its own. The tank is situated externally or, e.g., integrated into the swing frame.


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Benefits and uses

  • Load-free motor run-up
  • Smooth start-up of driven machine - up to several minutes
  • Shorter periodic distances for subsequent starts thanks to the standstill re-cooling
  • Protects the drive in case of an overload
  • Dampens torsional vibration in the drive
  • Protects system components - the service life of your system increases
  • Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences
  • Wear-free power transmission - reduces maintenance and repairs
  • Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives protects your motor against overload
  • Sequential startup of the motors reduces the load on the supply circuit

Typical fields of use

  • Belt conveyors



Type A B C D E F G (m6) H1 H2
562 TPKL 1000 615 1130 849 230 310 90 135 128
650 TPKL 1165 710 1480 1055 217 530 120 165 165
650 DTPKL 1165 710 1480 1200 217 675 120 165 165
866 TPKL 1530 900 2200 1575 290 883 160 240 240
866 DTPKL 1530 900 2200 1750 290 1059 160 240 240

Dimensions in mm

Technical information

Operating principle

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        Operating principle of the hydrodynamic power transmission
Operating principle of the hydrodynamic power transmission

Hydrodynamic couplings transmit mech­anical power from the motor to the driven machine via a flow of fluid. This occurs by means of two bladed wheels positioned face to face. The primary wheel (red) is connected with the motor and acts like a rotary pump, the sec­ond­ary wheel (blue) is connected to the driven machine and acts like a turbine. Power transmission is pro­por­tional to the fill level in the working circuit. As a result of the mechanical separation of the drive and driven sides, the hydro­dynamic couplings transfer the power wear-free and dampen the torsional vibration and torque shocks in the drive chain at the same time.

Fill-controlled couplings

With fill-controlled couplings, a control device continuously changes the transmission behaviour. This is carried out by changing the filling level and is made possible by controlling the flow of the operating fluid supply and draining using valves.

Fill-controlled couplings have an external fluid circuit that is also used for cooling. This is why these couplings have a very high thermal capacity that makes longer start up procedures with high loads possible. This increases the productivity and reliability of your system.

When starting, fill-controlled couplings are completely empty thus enabling a load-free motor run-up. This relieves and protects the motor and electric network.


Voith doesn't just supply couplings, we are also your engineering partner for customer-specific drive solutions:

  • Designing of complete drives
  • Dimensioning the coupling for the optimal use of your system
  • Analysis and optimization of the operating state of drives in existing systems (retrofit)
  • We can advise you about the selection of optimal start-up technologies
  • Competence in systems for all mining equipment and the bulk material industry