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Pumps and internal gear pumps

Pumps and internal gear pumps

Pumps and internal gear pumps

    Voith internal gear pumps feature very low pressure pulsation – usually up to 50 percent less than other comparable internal gear pumps. This  feature considerably improves the control of the pump and also reduces noise emissions by up to 6 dB(A).

    Decades of design improvement have resulted in high volumetric efficiency. At rated speed, Voith pump volumetric efficiency is often 5 to 10 percent better than other pumps on the market. This reinforces our statement that Voith internal gear pumps provide the ideal solution for variable speed drives as well as overall efficiency improvement while reducing ma­chine or system power consumption.

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    Voith internal gear pumps are especially well-suited for any application in the low, medium, and high-pressure range. The pumps are available as:

    • Single pumps
    • Pump combinations (multi-flow pumps, multi-circuit pumps)
    • Motor pump units
    • Variable speed pumps
    • Servo pumps


    • High precision
    • Low noise emissions
    • Excellent volumetric efficiency
    • Low energy costs
    • High availability and durability

    Variable speed pumps and servo pumps



      The future of hydraulics has arrived with variable speed pump systems. With these pumps, hydraulic systems are achieving a functionality never seen before. You save up to 70 percent more energy over conventional hydraulic systems. Noise emissions are also lower, in many cases by up to 20 db(A).

      Variable speed pumps

      Variable speed pumps in their simplest version are frequency-controlled. They consist of three main components:

      • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
      • Asynchronous motor
      • Voith internal gear pump

      Using a variable speed pump system is extremely simple. You provide us with all the machine or system cycle data. We then use this information to determine the necessary pressures and volume flows, and design the pump systems. The final pump solution you receive is a complete solution, as it is customized, ready to run, and all from a single source.

      Servo pumps

      For hydraulic systems that place high demands on control engineering, servo pumps are the perfect solution. The basic version of these pump systems also consists of three main components:

      • Servo inverter
      • Synchronous servo motor
      • Voith internal gear pump

      Servo pumps control the pressure or the volume flow. They precisely convert electrical energy into the hydraulic energy that is currently needed in the system. The classic use of valves for control can be either completely or partially omitted. This considerably simplifies every hydraulic system.

      Total cost of ownership (TCO)

      Total cost of ownership (TCO) for pumps and internal gear pumps
      Conventional hydraulic systems usually have constant volume flows. As a result, these systems have virtually constant energy consumption. Using servo pumps makes it possible to vary the volume flows in hydraulic systems. In the part load range and outside the machine cycle, the servo pumps operate at lower speeds or stop altogether. Servo pumps reduce the energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Using servo pumps can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the hydraulic system by up to 35 percent. Systems with variable speed servo pumps are amortized in a short timeframe – in most cases, within 1 to 2 years.

      Energy efficiency

      Comparison of plastics injection molding machines with different hydraulic systems

      Cycle of a plastics injection molding machine:

      Energy efficiency of a plastics injection molding machine with a fixed displacement pump
      Pump  Fixed displacement pump
      Drive motor  Constant speed asynchronous motor
      Control modes Using classic valves only
      Energy consumption 100 percent 
      Energy efficiency of a plastics injection molding machine with a variable displacement pump
      Pump Variable displacement pump
      Drive motor  Constant speed asynchronous motor
      Control modes Partial use of classic valves
      Energy consumption 70 percent
      Energy efficiency of a plastics injection molding machine with a Voith servo pump
      Pump  Voith servo pump
      Drive motor Variable speed synchronous servo motor
      Control modes Partial or total servo pump control
      Energy consumption 30 percent


      Comparison of different drive systems for a plastic injection molding machine
      Based on multiple criteria, a drive with Voith servo pumps is better than other drive types. Injection molding machines using Voith servo-pump drives feature low total cost of ownership (TCO), reliable processes and high productivity.



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