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World Market Leader in BRT

Always in the Fast Lane:

    DIWA in BRT Systems

    Vehicles in BRT Systems run on separate lanes with high service frequency, allowing them free and unrestricted travel.

    BRT Systems offer the same system capacity as other mass transit modes, but significantly shorter implementation periods – and at a fraction of the costs! Further benefits such as low operating costs, high availability, positive ecological impacts and short travel times also favor BRT. Experience the advantages of BRT which will be maximized by integration of Voith DIWA technology and services for BRT Systems.

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      Voith BRT References Worldwide

      More than 10 000 Voith DIWA transmissions worldwide operating in the most diverse BRT Systems make Voith the world market leader in BRT. Aside from long-established systems like in Bogotá, São Paulo or Curitiba, newly established ones like in China, Indonesia or Africa also count on the DIWA transmission.

      TransMilenio, Bogotá, Market Share Voith: 84%

      Long-term relationship between Voith and the local operators is a key element for the success of TransMilenio. With the introduction of the TransMilenio, travel times have been reduced by 32 % and emissions by 40 %. The TransMilenio BRT System transports close to 2 million passengers per day which makes it one of the world’s most efficient BRT Systems. Today, TransMilenio is recognized as the benchmark for many cities worldwide that are planning to introduce a BRT System.

      Brisbane Busway, Australia, Market Share Voith: 63%

      The Brisbane Busway BRT System shows: DIWA transmission and DIWA Excellence services improve the ride comfort and safety while reducing transport-related emissions in CNG-powered buses efficiently.

      Hangzhou, BRT, Market Share Voith: 89%

      In Hangzhou, a service and maintenance contract with preventive overhaul program ensures maximum availability and cost transparency for operators and stakeholders. The operational speed during peak hours is about 10 km/h faster than the speed of regular buses in the same corridor. This results in a reduction of travel time by 40%. Due to the seperate lanes a significant decrease in road accidents have also been noticed. Based on these results, Hangzhou extended the BRT System by two more lines.

      Zhengzhou, BRT, Market Share Voith: 100%

      The integrated DIWA SmartNet concept of the Zhengzhou BRT System enables preventive maintenance and real-time operating data evaluation. Full integration of Voith ECU data with operators Fleet Management System reduces the complexity for the operators.

      Low Operating Costs

        Lower Fuel Consumption.

        Key Fact in Reducing Operating Costs

        Fuel costs account for approximately 30 % of vehicle life-cycle costs. Voith offers a wide-ranging combination of technical features and DIWA Excellence services to ensure optimum fuel-efficient vehicle operation at any time.

        Products & Components Advantages
        DIWA Transmission + 50% fewer gear shifts in lower speed range
        Automatic Neutral Shift (ANS) + Disconnects engine and transmission at vehicle standstill
        Gear-shifting program SensoTop + Up to 7% fuel savings through topography-dependent gear shifting strategy
        Hydraulic Torsional Vibration Damper (HTSD) + Shifting to a higher gear at lower engine speed
        DIWA Excellence


        Driveline Configuration + Consulting for ideal conditions right from the start
        DIWA Driver Training + Realize potential in driving behaviour to maximize vehicle economy
        Operating Data Analysis + Identify optimization potential for daily operation


        Preventive Maintenance.

        Predictable Costs for BRT Operation

        Innovative preventive maintenance by Voith leads to significant cost savings throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.

        The early-warning functionality of DIWA software enables permanent control of the shifting elements to detect problems at an early stage and to avoid costly consequential damages. Furthermore, the telemetric system DIWA SmartNet allows continuous and automated transmission condition monitoring that guarantees maximum vehicle availability while reducing the operating costs.

        Maximum Availability

          We Keep our Customers on the Road.

          With Maximum Availability

          High vehicle availability is a precondition for an economical and reliable BRT operation.

          Because bus breakdowns on BRT routes affect the operators’ economical position negatively by unplanned costs – often including penalties for the interrupted service.

          To ensure maximum vehicle availability at any time, Voith offers the following components and services:
          Products & Components  Advantages
          Unique DIWA Principle + Fewer shifts and lower thermal load
          Efficient Cooling Concept + Lower oil temperature and fewer fan engagement
          Secondary Retarder + Significant increase in brake-lining lifetime
          DIWA SmartNet + Permanent reassurance by continuous monitoring of the DIWA transmission
          DIWA Excellence Advantages
          Preventive maintenance + Reduced downtimes and significant cost savings
          Service and Maintenance contracts + Planning security at full cost transparency
          Repair (genuine spare parts and exchange transmissions) + Best parts quality and quickly back in service


          Lower Emissions

            The Target is to Cut Emissions.

            Voith BRT Components and Services are Dead on

            Clean bus propulsion technology significantly reduces transport-related emissions in megacities.

            The well-proven DIWA transmission sets the baseline for an excellent environmental sustainability: Reduced fuel consumption, CO2 and noise level of the driveline by SensoTop and torsional vibration damper HTSD.

            Cleaner Air by Voith DIWA

            In Bogotá, DIWA transmissions save around 3 tonnes/month of particulate matter because of the integrated secondary retarder. This also leads to a significant increase in brake-lining lifetime. This pays off – for the operators and the environment.

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