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Voith introduces tailored, flexible coupling for major engine Original Equipment Manufacturer’s test cells

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The Voith D2300 coupling features high torsional flexibility, which makes it possible to reproduce test cycles more precisely in supercritical operations to achieve accurate results. For more information, please visit
York, Pa. (October 3, 2018) – Voith is proud to offer a tailored, highly flexible D2300 coupling for a major engine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)’s test cells. The introduction of the coupling significantly streamlines the testing process for the OEM.

“We are excited about the success of the first installations for this OEM’s midrange engine test cells,” said Kyle Kluttz, vice president, New Business Sales – Americas, Voith. “This solution will streamline the testing process for a wide range of their engines and the result will be a more efficient, economical, and practical process.”

The Voith D2300 coupling features high torsional flexibility, which makes it possible to reproduce test cycles more precisely in supercritical operations to achieve accurate results. Development test rigs, continuous-running test rigs, and end-of-line test rigs operate safely and reliably with this coupling at speeds up to 10,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). The coupling shifts a system's critical resonance frequencies below the operational speed range and dampens undesirable alternating torques. This protects all system components from damaging vibrations, increasing the lifetime and availability of the entire test rig.

Designed to be modular, the Voith coupling also easily integrates into a wide range of engine test rigs. The connections can be adapted to almost all types of engines and dynos, saving costs for adaptation expenses and allowing for the development of an improved design with a shorter lever arm. Less stress is placed on all of the connected units when moving through the resonance speed (engine start) and in other speed ranges, extending the service life of all of the test rig driveline components. Higher availability and lower life cycle costs for the system also contribute to cost savings and process efficiency.

Introduced in 2015, the Voith D2300 coupling prototype was first installed at the major engine OEM’s facility in India. Its success led to a request to install the coupling at the OEM’s facility in Brazil. Since then, the OEM continues to install the Voith solution across its global fleet of test cells to streamline the mid-range engine testing processes.

For more information about the Voith highly flexible D2300 coupling, please visit

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