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ProTect: safe and easy press fabric measurements

In order to bring safety to the conduct of press fabric measurements Voith has developed ProTect. This tool allows essential measurements to be carried out but eliminates risks to the operator from working close to rotat-ing parts or walking on slippery surfaces.
ProTect was designed to safeguard operating personnel while giving relia-ble press fabric measurements at various positions in the press section of the paper machine. This new tool is very easy to operate and adapts flexi-bly to different measuring equipment items. ProTect is a safe solution, giv-ing exact and repeatable measurements of the press fabric.

Press fabric measurements are very important to ensure efficient paper production. Measurements need to be taken while the paper machine is running, exposing operators to a number of safety risks. ProTect eliminates these risks. It consists of a self-propelled carriage, fixture and any number of traverse beams. It can be used with all common manual measurement devices. The moving parts of ProTect are predominantly located outside the machine, so wear and additional maintenance outlay are minimized.

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