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New Efficiency Package for Citybuses:
Lower Consumption and Higher Availability

In anticipation of the forthcoming Euro-6 norm, Voith will be presenting a new efficiency package for citybuses at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. The key benefits for operators are lower fuel consumption, fewer emissions and higher availability.
The package consists of three components, which increase the efficiency of the driveline quite significantly. The basis is the new DIWA.6 automatic transmission. This is added by the topography-dependent gear-shifting program SensoTop for quick and precise selection of optimum gearshifting points. The efficiency package is completed by the DIWA SmartNet telemetric system that permanently monitors the condition of the transmission. It instantly alerts the operator of any irregularities, enabling him to react promptly and thus avoid extra cost caused by unscheduled downtimes.

Compared with its predecessor model, DIWA.6 saves up to five percent extra fuel. This is made possible by the need-based reduction of the operating pressure to five bar. Up to three percent diesel are thus saved. In addition, there is an intelligent start-up management system that avoids vehicle starts against the active service brake. With the optimized Automatic Neutral Switch (ANS), the transmission can stay decoupled from the engine for longer - once again saving fuel. And last but not least, a newly designed torsional vibration damper allows gear-shifting at even lower engine speeds.

The telemetric system DIWA SmartNet is another valuable aid to saving costs. SmartNet transmits the vehicle operating data periodically to an internet server via mobile radio. Any irregularities can thus be identified at an early stage. Failures are reported automatically via SMS or email. This allows preventive maintenance and results in reduced downtimes and unscheduled vehicle standstills.

Citybuses that use less fuel, stay longer on the road and spend less time in the workshop - the new efficiency package from Voith makes it possible.

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