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FlowJec: Efficient dosing system in use at Smurfit Kappa Zülpich Papier

The new and efficient FlowJec dosing system that Voith has launched on the market uses an application-based method to allow dosing of all process and functional chemicals and additives.
The FlowJec dosing system can be operated nearly maintenance-free, and notably reduces the use of fresh water.
Unlike conventional systems, in FlowJec the chemicals are premixed with part of the process flow before adding. Due to the homogeneous injection of the dosed retention agents significant chemical savings are achieved. Furthermore, the runability can be significantly increased.

In FlowJec the chemicals are added via specially developed nozzles called AddJectors. These nozzles make the use of fresh water when dosing chemicals no longer necessary. This means that the paper is produced in an especially environmentally compatible manner. Even at the chemical preparation stage, up to 70% fresh water is saved. For the dosing process itself the FlowJec system uses the stock suspension, white water, clear filtrate or flotation tailings. The integrated cleaning function allows FlowJec to be operated nearly maintenance-free.

The PM 6 at Smurfit Kappa Zülpich Papier demonstrates the profitable potential of FlowJec. On this two-ply packaging paper machine for the production of liner and corrugated medium, FlowJec is used to add a retention agent. There is absolutely no need to re-dilute the retention polymer with fresh water. Because with FlowJec the retention agent is also added in higher concentrations, the amount of fresh water for dissolving the chemicals can also be substantially reduced.

During the 22nd International Munich Paper Symposium (IMPS) from 6 to 8 March 2013, Voith introduced FlowJec in a joint presentation with Smurfit Kappa Zülpich Papier. The considerable feedback from the audience was proof of the extensive interest in such environmentally compatible technologies.

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