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Voith modernises hydropower plant in Sri Lanka

HEIDENHEIM, GERMANY. Sri Lanka's largest energy provider, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), has selected Voith as supplier for the modernisation of the Polpitiya hydropower plant.
The powerhouse of Polpitiya.
Until mid-2017, Voith will supply electro-mechanical equipment for Polpitiya's two 37.5 megawatt generating units and the accompanying spherical valves, overhaul the spiral cases and draft tubes, as well as take over the erection and commissioning of the plant. Voith Financial Services has structured the financing of the project.

Reliable electricity production
This modernisation will significantly increase Polpitiya's performance. In 1969, the plant was connected to the grid for the very first time and in the future will continue to increase the reliability of electricity production in Sri Lanka, thanks to the rehabilitation. Sri Lanka's economy is growing steadily and the country's electricity demands are increasing accordingly – by about six to eight percent every year.

CEB is the top energy provider in the country with a power plant fleet of about 3.4 gigawatts of total installed capacity. Voith had modernised the Old Laxapana power plant for CEB as early as 2010.

On the importance of hydropower
Hydropower is the world’s oldest, most widespread and most reliable meth-od of generating renewable energy. On a global scale it makes an essential contribution to ensuring a stable power supply and thus to economic and social development – both in industrialised countries and high-growth re-gions alike. In addition, hydropower plays a significant role in generating climate-friendly energy. Voith has been a leading provider of this technology since the early days of hydropower and continues to develop its offering on an ongoing basis.

About the company
Voith sets standards in the energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials, transport and automotive markets. Founded in 1867, Voith now has more than 39,000 employees, a turnover of €5.3bn and sites in over 50 countries, making it one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.


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