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Voith Inline Thruster: Precise Maneuvering for a Wide Range of Maritime Applications

  • High efficiency through the use of a direct drive without gear
  • Vibration-free and low-noise operation
  • Problem-free retrofit possible as auxiliary propulsion system or transverse thruster
The MY "Stella Maris" is equipped with a VIT850-200 as bow thruster.
Heidenheim: Since 2008, the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) has proven its worth in numerous maritime applications. It can be used as a transverse thruster or as a propulsion system. Voith has already installed the innovative unit more than 130 times – in new vessels and as part of retrofits. The wide variety of applications ranges from yachts through large offshore jack-up vessels for wind turbines to a maintenance support vessel: the Kroonborg, a Walk to Work (W2W) vessel owned by Dutch shipping company Royal Wagenborg.
VIP1000-300 as swing-out auxiliary propulsion unit.
Silent and low-vibration
The VIT is available in a power range from 50 to 1500 kW and combines electric, mechanic and hydrodynamic elements. A rim-driven propeller is powered by a permanent-magnetic electric motor. The system requires neither a shaft nor gearing. The propeller is supported by a sea-water lubricated slide bearing patented by Voith. A center roller bearing is utilized for units with a power range of 500 kW or higher. This technology ensures low vibrations, low noise emissions and the added benefit of a compact design. The specially developed blade geometry reduces cavitation and contributes to vibration and noise reduction. Owners of cruise ships and mega yachts – and of course their passengers – highly appreciate these advantages.
Two VIT2000-1000H in W2W vessel "Kroonborg".
Fast steering response for accurate positioning
In addition to the low running noise, the VIT has an impressively fast steering response. Not only does it facilitate precise maneuvering but also accurate positioning, for example during dynamic positioning (DP) when the vessel is to be held in place using GPS data in rough seas. This is helped by the VIT offering identical thrust in both directions. As an option, the VIT can be rotated endlessly through 360 degrees.

Low-maintenance and easy to repair
The VIT has very few movable wear parts. As units up to 500 kW do not require oil, no dynamic seals are required. In addition, the propeller blades can be replaced individually and even underwater. Both characteristics facilitate trouble-free, cost-efficient maintenance.

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