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HiPlast Black

The virtually unbreakable cleaner cone

The new generation of wear-resistant polymers and the optimized design make the HiPlast Black cleaner cone from Voith an attractive option for use in stock preparation.


With conventional cones produced either from ordinary plastic or ceramic, a decision has to be made between a short service life or high investment costs. In addition, as ceramic is an easily breakable material it makes installation and maintenance of the cleaner difficult. But now, due to its new material, HiPlast Black is a nearly unbreakable and wear-resistant alternative for paper mills that require a high level of machine availability in stock preparation. In combination with an improved wall thickness in the particularly wear-prone lower cone area, HiPlast Black has a longer service life compared to plastic cones. Given its special features, the HiPlast Black has an attractive price-performance ratio.

The new HiPlast Black cleaner cone closes the gap between standard and ceramic cones and is available both for Voith cleaners as well as for cleaners from other manufacturers.