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The sealing strip for all suction rolls: HydroSeal

Excellent savings in lubrication water consumption

    HydroSeal is the first to provide the option of dispensing with the conventional lubricating shower regardless of the type of suction roll or manufacturer.

    Thanks to HydroSeal, the lubricating water is distributed continuously over the entire width of the sealing strip, which allows the surface to be continuously covered with a homogeneous film of lubricating water. The efficient feed substantially reduces the amount of lubricating water required. Moreover, this new design prevents remoistening of the paper web and also improves the CD moisture profile.

    Trials carried out in the field on our customers' machines demonstrated that, by using HydroSeal, lubricating water consumption could be reduced by up to 87%. Specific energy consumption was cut by 9%. This means that even on just one suction roll, HydroSeal can achieve savings of 100,000 euros or more per year, offering a distinct economic benefit as well as an ecological advantage.

    HydroSeal benefits at a glance
    • HydroSeal - The sealing strip with integrated lubrication for all suction rolls

      HydroSeal - The sealing strip with integrated lubrication for all suction rolls

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    Potential savings in water consumption (in percent)

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      Jochen Honold

      Global Product Manager HydroSeal


      m +49 173 3461780

      Palm Paper profits from this sealing strip

        Since the conversion of the transfer suction roll to HydroSeal, we are saving a lot of water.
        Jürgen Kosse, Plant Manager at the Palm paper mill

        Optimize your production process with HydroSeal

          Watch this video comparing the conventional lubrication system with HydroSeal and convince yourself of this ecologically sensible system.

          Services for HydroSeal - Part of your business

            We are the experts for the entire system

            In the course of a standard roll service, the delivery of HydroSeal includes the tubing internal to the roll, the water distributor, all required hose feed lines and a filter station, as well as comprehensive on-site support at the first startup. If necessary, a new set of sealing strip holders is installed during replacement of the HydroSeal sealing strips.

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