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Roll covers for every application

Explore our new roll cover: OceanCoat

The Roll Cover Technology

    Roll cover technology is a key factor in improving sheet release, reducing draw, improving dewatering performance, ensuring consistent coating and sizing, and achieving excellent calendering results. The various applications on the paper machine require a variety of roll cover designs and coating materials.

    Materials range from ceramic coatings to very soft elastomeric covers

    The surface profiles range from plain polished to high open surfaces, as well as complex cross-machine direction crown designs. Contact us - together we will find the perfect roll cover for you!

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    Product News

      Our product manager, Ralf Moser, explains the new product OceanCoat.
      Our new roll cover, OceanCoat, offers great advantages for the operator of the paper machine. One of them is that the customer can expect cost savings due to superior wear, heat and aging resistance. Further, OceanCoat is reported to be very easy to clean. This saves time after a sheet break.

      Ralf Moser, Global Product Manager Finishing Section & Doctor Blades


      New roll cover for coater backing rolls provides cost savings and improved efficiency

      With OceanCoat, Voith is adding a highly durable option to its portfolio of coater roll covers that need less regrinding and therefore reduce shutdown and maintenance costs.

      read the press release

      Find Your Perfect Roll Cover


        Roll covers in the forming section need to guide and tension the fabric.

        Some of the rolls have to transmit the drive force to the fabric, while other rolls perform dewatering functions. The roll covers need to be doctorable and wear resistant, have good traction properties, and perform with no sheet marking. Voith offers roll covers in rubber, polyurethane, composite and resin, as well as hard metal coatings for the various applications in the forming section.

        Roll types in the forming section:

        • Breast Roll
        • Couch Roll
        • Forming Roll
        • Lumpbreaker
        • Table Roller
        • Wire Drive Roll
        • Wire Suction Roll
        • Wire Guide Roll


        Roll covers in the press section must remove the remaining water via a system of nips pressing against each other, aided by press fabrics that support the sheet and absorb the pressed water.

        High surface stability, no marking, sufficient operating volume, high wear resistance and impact resistance and doctorability are some of the necessary features a roll cover needs in the press section. Depending on the specific roll application, we offer polyurethane, rubber and thermal coatings.

        Roll types in the press section:

        • Center Press Roll
        • Center Suction Press Roll
        • Felt Guide Roll
        • Glazing Cylinder Pressure Roll
        • LNP Soft Roll
        • Paper Guide Roll
        • Pick-up Suction Press Roll
        • Press Roll Hard
        • Press Roll Hard Vented
        • Press Roll Soft
        • Shoe Press Counter-Roll
        • Smoothing Press Roll
        • Suction Press Roll
        • Spreader Roll


        In this paper machine section, the paper web is heated with steam to reach the necessary dryness value.

        In the harsh environments, cylinders and guide rolls are prone to contaminations and corrosions. They need special thermal and metal coatings for corrosion protection, as well as wear and contamination resistance. We offer specially developed coatings for all applications.

        Roll types in the dryer section:

        • Dryer Cylinder
        • Dryer Wire Guide Roll
        • Dryer Paper Guide Roll
        • Spreader Roll

        Coating & Sizing

        For demanding print results that are brilliant in detail and require very smooth, closed surfaces, Voith Paper offers a wide range of roll covers for sizing and coating applications.

        Using our sizing and coating roll cover knowledge combined with our expertise as a paper machine supplier, we are able to ensure the roll cover selected meets your expectations. Depending on the specific demands, we offer polyurethane and rubber roll covers.

        Roll types in the coating and sizing section:

        • Coater Applicator Roll
        • Coater Backing Roll
        • Paper Guide Roll
        • Film Press Applicator Roll
        • Spreader Roll
        • Size Press Hard
        • Size Press Soft


        Depending on the purpose for which a paper is used, its surface must have certain properties – especially smoothness and gloss.

        These properties are imparted to the paper by calenders, which are equipped with up to 15 rolls. Our calender roll cover product line offers an extensive cover choice for all application requirements. Optimized fiber-reinforced composite covers and world-class thermal coating covers provide optimum paper gloss, smoothness, and bulk while maintaining cover profile and surface consistency.

        Roll types in the calender:

        • Machine Calender Hard Coating
        • Multi-Nip Calender Elastic Roll
        • Mulit-Nip Calender Hard Coating
        • Paper Guide Roll Calender
        • Soft Nip Calender Elastic Roll
        • Soft Nip Calender Hard Coating
        • Super Calender Elastic Roll
        • Super Calender Hard Roll
        • Spreader Roll

        Reeling & Winding

        During reeling the paper web is wound up on reel spools.

        We offer rubber or polyurethane covers on reel spools, providing a perfectly closed nip when starting the winding process on the spool and running smoother with reduced noise. During winding, the paper is cut into narrow rolls. Our polyurethane covers have superior cut resistance and remain in better condition for more consistent winding. We also offer thermal coatings that can be applied either on site or in one of our locations equipped with thermal spraying.

        Roll types in the reeling and winding section:

        • Reel Drum Hard
        • Reel Drum Soft
        • Reel Spool
        • Rider Roll
        • Squeeze Roll
        • Winder Drum


        We offer excellent roll covers to meet the specific requirements for special applications.

        Marking and splicing rolls are used for applications in which the roll covers must meet special requirements – such as very high wear resistance or a soft surface. For these special applications, we offer excellent roll covers.

        Roll types for special applications:

        • Marking Roll
        • Splicing Roll


        Roll covers in tissue machines need to offer excellent wear and thermal resistance with high hardness stability to provide excellent operational safety.

        Coatings for Yankee cylinders must withstand rough conditions and therefore offer high wear and corrosion resistance. Depending on the specific tissue machine requirements, we offer different covers and coatings.

        Roll types in tissue machines:

        • Tissue Pressure and Suction Pressure Roll
        • Yankee Cylinder
        • MG Cylinder

        Diagnostic Systems

        NipSense2: Profile optimization through real-time measurement in the nip

        NipSense2 is a system consisting of mats with highly sensitive sensors that are inserted in the nip. The data of the nip width are transmitted wirelessly to a computer with special analytical software and directly displayed. Changes in the nip profile can thus be followed directly on the screen. NipSense2 visualizes possible discrepancies in the crown, the closing process and the hydraulic systems in real time and a correction calculation is carried out.

        Product Highlights

          EvoStretch and StretchUp Service

          EvoStretch is a spreader roll designed by Voith experts. Benefit from its reliability due to latest Voith technology and the extensive service know-how. Within a short service time, conventional spreader rolls can be upgraded by adding our exclusive EvoStretch Bearing with selfhealing function and the high-performance polyurethane sleeve SolarStretch.

          AiroGuide C

          In addition to exceptional wear resistance, state-of-the-art AiroGuide C guide roll covers offer exceptional quality and performance, less downtime and greater cost savings:
          • Best material at low investment costs

          • Long service life and reduced maintenance costs thanks to wear and temperature-resistant materials

          • Smooth surface and low contamination

          • No corrosion problems

          • One expert for all guide roll covers

          • Increased performance level by combining AiroGuide C with tailored fabrics and doctor blades

          MatchPress and MatchFlow

          With MatchPress and MatchFlow, we offer press and suction press roll covers that are specially designed for small and medium-size paper machines. The excellent dewatering capacity is a result of the customized surface designs. Our MatchPress and MatchFlow roll covers running reliably and deliver consistent paper quality for our customers.


          NanoGloss offers a smart combination of highest gloss levels and mechanical stability and thus produces paper with a wonderful glow and smoothness. Good calendering is a challenging task as it consists of two stages impacting each other. At first, one paper side faces a series of thermo rolls to create perfect smoothness and gloss. In the next step, the paper faces composite rolls. Any surface roughness or topographical variance in the covers will leave an imprint in the paper just like a fingerprint. Only NanoGloss with its smooth and even surface maintains all the beautiful calendering effects over the entire life of the cover.


          InForce is a polyurethane roll cover for the press section that offers optimum strength, abrasion resistance and groove stability. The InForce roll cover ensures consistent dewatering performance contributing to stable dry content and potential energy savings. InForce is a further development of the proven G2000 cover and has outstanding groove stability even under extreme conditions. For applications with a maximum void volume, further sophisticated surface designs are available in blind-drilled or blind-drilled-grooved versions. InForce is an extremely hard polyurethane roll cover, perfect for replacing stainless steel roll covers with the additional benefit of extending the service life of the clothing.

          TerraDry HC+ Express and TerraDry MG Express

          TerraDry are our excellent thermal coatings for MG and Yankee cylinders.
          • TerraDry MG Express is a high performance coating for MG cylinders specially designed to protect against excessive corrosion and wear, ensuring optimum conditions for glaze and gloss of the paper.
          • TerraDry HC+ Express is a high performance coating for Yankee cylinders specially designed for protection against excessive corrosion and wear.

          Roll Covers - How can we help you?

            Our experts are happy to help you find the prefect roll cover for your application!


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            Product Manager Forming Section


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            Product Manager Press Section


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            Carl Taylor

            Product Manager Dryer Section


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            Ralf Moser

            Product Manager Finishing Section


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            Diagnostic Systems

            Ralf Moser

            Product Manager Roll Cover Diagnostics


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            Services for Roll Covers - Part of your Business

              Your needs − our challenge! At Voith, the characteristics of roll covers are perfectly adjusted to the requirements. Thanks to our in-house mixing and compounding department, we are flexible and deliver customized products.

              Maintenance should be planned, as optimizing mature roll covers is an important aspect of running your production plant with maximum efficiency. Voith has been a competent, trusted and reliable industry partner for 150 years. Furthermore, we provide roll servicing with comprehensive maintenance and inspection steps combined with different upgrade solutions you can completely rely on.

              Social Media News and Press Release

                OceanCoat: New roll cover for coater backing rolls provides cost savings and improved efficiency

                OceanCoat Press Release

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