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Eliminating contamination from rolls

RollCleaner is an online cleaning system for roll surfaces. It cleans the surfaces with a foamed non-woven fabric wheel and “brushes off” stubborn contamination with an action that is gentle on the surface.

The RollCleaner cleaning wheel is electrically powered and rotates in the opposite direction to the roll. During operation, the cleaning wheel is pressed onto the roll to be cleaned via an adjustable pneumatic cylinder. The installation is on a guide block that can continuously traverse along the roll. Continuous or discontinuous cleaning of the roll is carried out during production. In the process, the entire working area is cleaned, or only partial areas of the rolls are cleaned. Contamination is continuously and directly suction-cleaned at the cleaning wheel via a suction unit.

RollCleaner is used for online roll cleaning in calenders. It extends the roll service life and reliability and increases productivity.