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Renewable energy generation in the age of digitization

The most efficient generators of electricity in the world

Voith supplies the technology for the largest and most powerful hydroelectric power stations on the planet.

Power is the foundation of modern life

Electric power keeps industrial societies going. It is only when electricity is continually available in the requisite quantity that goods can be produced and transported, and basic human needs met. At the start of the 21st Century, the generation of electricity from renewable sources is on the rise. About a sixth of all of the power produced worldwide is generated using hydropower.

Full-line Supplier for Hydropower Plants

Voith provides a full-line service in the field of hydropower. The company has been building power plants for many generations. Its range includes large hydropower plants, pumped storage power plants, small hydropower plants, automation systems and innovative technology for the modernization of power plants, as well as full life cycle service. Voith produces at its own locations in Asia, Europe and North and South America. At four research and development centers worldwide, company engineers are working today to create the electricity generation of tomorrow. They can rely on experience accumulated over decades.

Did you know …?

  • Modern hydropower plants can have an efficiency of more than 90 percent and are thus by far the most efficient way of generating electricity.
  • One-sixth of the world's electricity is produced by hydropower. Among the renewable energy sources, it represents around 80 percent.

  • Shaping the Future of Hydropower

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Large Hydropower Plants

Hydropower plants are the most efficient generators of electricity in the world. They lie on all major rivers and provide a reliable source of power for growth regions as well as industrial nations.

As reliable and accurate as clockwork

Large hydropower plants are one of the most powerful suppliers of renewable energy worldwide. They deliver the energy for growth regions such as Brazil, China and India and have also provided the developed countries with a reliable energy supply for decades. They ensure that millions of people have light and heat.

About Large Hydropower Plants

Our products for large hydro

Small Hydropower Plants

Small hydropower plants make use of rivers especially in remote areas – and improve the livelihood of many people all over the globe. Clean, efficient and reliable – Small Hydropower solutions of Voith can make a difference.

Small hydropower plants guarantee a local and stable power supply

Hydropower plants with an output of up to 30 megawatts can change the world: In certain remote and mountainous regions hydropower plants bring electricity to thousands of people who never could imagine a life with power supply.

About Small Hydropower Plants

Our products for small hydro

Pumped Storage Plants

The basic principle of pumped storage power plants is relatively simple. They store electricity by pumping water from a lower reservoir to a higher one.

Clean, flexible and renewable

Pump storage power plants offer a highly reliable technology which can perfectly level grid fluctuations and deliver energy immediately. In a world of energy increasingly dominated by wind and solar, pump storage power plants are indispensable.
Over a period of decades Voith has developed a cutting-edge technology.

About Pumped Storage Plants

Our products for pumped storage plants

Tremendous potential for hydroelectric power in South America, Africa and Asia is not being used.
Richard Taylor, International Hydropower Association

Find Products & Services for Hydropower

Our portfolio ranges from stand-alone solutions for the plant automation as well as lifetime services for all types of hydro equipment.

Our Products for Large Hydro:

Large Hydro Plants

Our Products for Small Hydro:

Small & Mini Hydro

Our Products for Pumped Storage Plants:

Pumped Storage Plants

Our services for clean and low carbon energy generation

    Voith Services is committed to extending the life of hydropower plants and keeping them operating at peak level, wherever they are. With nearly 150 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining hydropower equipment, Voith is your competent service partner.

    Over 150 years in hydropower

      The first turbine was produced by Voith in 1870. In the following years, the company took control in quick succession of first the German and then the international hydropower market. Soon after, Voith became a key partner in the major projects of the time. At the start of the last century, a spectacular order from Canada was received in Heidenheim. Voith was awarded the contract to supply the turbines to the Ontario Power Company at Niagara Falls. Between 1903 and 1913, the company delivered a total of 12 Francis spiral turbines to Canada. The twin turbines, each capable of over 12 000 HP, were among the largest and most powerful of the time.
      Another order that stands out from this time of the company's early years was Voith's first delivery to China. In 1910, the company installed a turbine at the Shi Long Ba hydropower plant in Yunnan province. This was China's first hydroelectric power plant.

      Renewable energy gone digital

        Using digital solutions for Hydropower? Not some impossible dream. Digital Hydropower solutions are already a reality.


          Voith Studies

          • Hydropower in Europe - The role of hydropower in the energy transition phase

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          • Shaping the Future of Hydropower

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          • Environmentally- friendly turbine design

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          • Hydropower.

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          • Cooling on Demand.

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          • Fish-Friendly turbines.

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          HyPower Brochures

          • hypower, customer magazine by Voith Hydro

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          Automation Brochures

          Service Brochures

          • HyService

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          • Service at your door steps

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          • Voith Hydro Services

            Generating Results for you.
            On Site. On Time. On Budget.
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          Technical Brochures

          Project Brochures

          Great People working on future challenges

            The tasks at Voith vary greatly, but there is one thing that all Voith employees have in common: their passion for the company and technology. Commissioning hydropower plants requires the support of service engineers worldwide. They spend several months on the ground providing assistance with putting a hydropower plant into operation. One of these engineers is Maxime Ghiduci.

            Every hydropower plant is different, because it has to reflect the wide variety of local conditions, such as water supply, drop height and many others, to the best possible extent. This means that every plant is unique, and commissioning one requires precise planning in advance.
            Maxime Ghiduci, Commissioning engineer at Voith Hydro

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