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Highly durable press fabrics for steady-state operation

Best material properties

    The Infinity press fabric has an especially uniform, high-quality base fabric that results in a laminated structure with the ability to maintain void volume throughout operation.

    The Infinity base offers a high degree of contact points and base uniformity. This results in a more uniform pressing surface. Increased pressing uniformity in the nip has the advantage of delivering a smoother sheet. Additionally, dewatering is increased improving overall dryness. The Inifinity laminated structure increases dewatering through mid-nip resiliency. The Infinity bases offer excellent compressibility to allow shorter flow path for the exiting water.

    • Where optimization never ends: Infinity Press Fabrics


    High-end technology

      Our Infinity family is now available with cabled yarn in cross direction.

      It can be used as seam and endless. The cabled seam has the most efficient twist level in the base fabric with mono loops in the engineered seam area. Due to the cabled yarn batt anchorage is remarkably improved. In addition, it offers higher flexibility for easier endless installation which makes the handling even safer.

      ThoughLine offers the newest concept in void volume control

      Combinations of the Infinity modules produce an excellent felt that will withstand compaction and maintain void volume. The base system is manufactured with precision and consistency, enables us to offer an advanced product with the greatest dimensional stability and a superior seam zone. This leads to efficient seaming in your toughest environments and stable productivity throughout the life of the fabric. In conclusion, Infinity ToughLine delivers a reliable outcome throughout the fabric lifetime and is the best choice for your paper machine!

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      Upgrade your Press Fabrics

        All Infinity press fabrics are available with our PeakElement technology. In addition, our Infinity family is part of Voith's AdvancedPRODUCTS which means that perfectly fitting products are available to improve the papermaking process and maximize savings.

        Infinity Product Range

          Infinity 2 & 2S

          Quick installation, short break-in times and maintained drainage are the key to reach production goals.

          The Infinity 2 & 2S is the best press fabric for all press sections including straight through, cluster or shoe presses to reach production and quality goals at the same time. Records are set in the press section!

          • Fast start-up: The two layer compressible, resilient laminated bases provide fast fabric saturation.
          • Dryness: Base uniformity maintains sheet characteristics and more contact points improve drying.
          • Easy seaming: Seam loop spacing and shape allow quick installation and time savings in the range of 25%.
          • Paper grades: Graphics (coated, uncoated), Board and packaging, Tissue (bathroom, towel)

          • Infinity 2 and Infinity 2S - Highly durable press fabrics for steady-state operation


          Infinity 3 & 3S

          Infinity 3 & 3S adjust perfectly to the water handling needs of each application while maintaining optimum sheet contact.

          The adabtable Vector layer gives fast start-up and a clean run. As with all of the Infinity Series it is easy to seam and a fast installation is guaranteed.

          • Performance: The three layer laminated modular structure for high, medium and low water volumes.
          • Better paper: Tailored Vector top layer for uniform nip pressure, improved moisture profiles and better paper quality.
          • Easy seaming: Seam loop spacing and shape allow quick installation.
          • Paper grades: Linerboard, Corrugating medium, Boxboard, Coated and uncoated freesheet

          • Infinity 3 and Infinity 3S - Highly durable press fabric for steady-state operation


          Infinity 4 & 4S

          This 4 layer modular composition of the Infinity family is at home in the rough conditions of any paper mill press section to defend paper quality and paper machine efficiency.

          A very sturdy felt that is consistent over lifetime and focused on results giving highest water removal volume and targeted performance at any speed range.

          • Dewatering: The laminated modular structure resists compaction for maintained drainage.
          • Versatility: Tailored bases can be finetuned for smoothness needs.
          • Durability: Laminated structure is extremely durable for high load positions.
          • Paper grades: Graphics: coated, uncoated; board, packaging

          • Infinity 4 and Infinity 4S - Highly durable press fabrics for steady-state operation


          Infinity Res & Res S

          Infinity Res & Res S are able to run in a variety of press sections providing a wide operating window on water removal levels and press load options.

          The specially developed high-tech Res layer delivers outstanding resiliency, providing the press section a smooth and efficient run. Key benefits are high compressibility, resilience and vibration resistance to improve dewatering and keep the fabric clean.

          • Dewatering: Due to its modular design the fabric reaches saturation in the mid nip which allows for increased drying.
          • Performance: The ability to maintain void volume eliminates the chance for crushing and allows for increased life up to 34%.
          • Resiliency: High-tech Res layer has outstanding resiliency providing the press section smooth and efficient run. Vibration reduction in the range of 50% is possible.
          • Paper grades: CFS, UCFS, LWC, MWC, SC; containerboard

          • Infinity Res and Infinity Res S - Outstanding vibration-resistant press fabrics


          Infinity Advance & Advance S

          Infinity Advance manages dewatering and sheet quality.

          Controlled dewatering in the press section can increase your dryness after press for more than 1% and save a lot of dryer energy.

          • Dewatering: The fine top base combined with the rigid bottom base provides consistent uhle box dewatering.
          • Performance: High pressure uniformity gives higher water removal from the sheet.
          • Easy Seaming: Seam loop spacing and shape allow quick installation.
          • Paper grades: CFS, UCFS; corrugating medium; foodboard, boxboard

          • Infinity Advance and Infinity Advance S - High-performing press fabrics


          Infinity - How can we help you?


            Anne Klaschka

            Global Product Manager

            Press Section Fabrics


            t +49 7321 377879

            Engineered for Success

              Success and experience proves us right

              Voiths new press felt concept with a laminated structure is well received in paper industry. With the Infinity line, Voith seeks to expand this product line to satisfy the demands of the press fabric market. Infinity provides excellent drainage and maintains resiliency throughout operation to maintain desired dewatering characteristics.

              Mill achieved goals for employee safety, desired paper quality and fabric life

              Voith provides fast and easy seaming as a result of Infinity seam loops which are perfectly formed with identical loop length, roundness and spacing. Scoring with high efficiencies in decreasing installation time and time reqiurements for overhead crane usage.

              Infinity seem is the best seem on the market!
              Anne Klaschka, Global Product Manager, Press Section Fabrics

              Services for Infinity - Part of your business

                Original Voith service ensures the best quality for us. Service means exceeding our customers' expectations.

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