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Vortex Breaker – rotary brake for junk traps

Vortex Breaker – rotary brake for junk traps

Longer service life for knife gate valves

The Vortex Breaker is a rotary brake for junk traps. The ready-to-install retrofit set extends the service life of knife gate valves and facilitates reliable functioning of the trap.

The Vortex Breaker rotary brake, with its rectangular cross section and the addition of dilution water, brakes the rotation of the medium in the area of the junk trap. Reliable functioning of the trap and a longer service life of the knife gate valves are achieved.

With the Voith DR 400, DR 600, KS 250/6 and KS 250/8 cleaning machines, installation of the rotary brake is carried out without displacing the junk trap. With cleaning machines from other manufacturers, the Vortex Breaker is installed between the junk trap and the first separation area; for this, the position of the trap must be axially shifted 190 mm.

The Vortex Breaker is used in the junk traps of HC cleaners and MC cleaners.