Did you know we’ve spent the past 150 years making the future more sustainable?

For 150 years, Voith’s technologies have been inspiring customers, business partners and employees around the world. Sustainable management is an important part of our history and is always reflected in our thoughts and actions. Founded in Germany in 1867, we’re one of Europe’s largest family-owned companies. We’ve always put sustainability first, right from when we first started making water turbines to generate power from water. Now we work on some of the world’s most efficient hydropower plants. Our papermachines have a long history too, producing a large proportion of the world’s paper, also using recycled stock. This ‘thinking green’ also helps us make the movement of people and goods cleaner and more efficient, and our services always seek to extract better results from fewer natural resources.


Why Voith?

Did you know that our smart products are digitizing the world of engineering?

As a company that specializes in IT and automation technology in machine and plant engineering, we’re used to being at the center of things. Our components record, control and transmit a wide range of operating parameters, such as pressure, acceleration and temperature. They also monitor oil levels, filter states and efficiency. This information is fed to IT systems that open up cutting-edge applications for our customers. Our intelligent products make us an ideal partner for Industry 4.0 applications. Join Voith Digital Solutions and become part of a global family-owned company with four divisions and around 19,000 employees.


Why Voith?

Did you know we build the world’s
most powerful batteries?

We’re one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydroelectric equipment, technology and services. Our pumped storage units, like the one you can see here, blend effort-lessly into the environment and store energy in a safe, ecological and sustainable way. We’ve designed, built and installed over 200 of these units worldwide, with a combined output of more than 24,000 MW. If you want to be energised by a career with Voith Hydro, one of four divisions that make Voith an international leader in over 60 countries, send your application.


Why Voith?

Did you know our machines help make the
money that’s spent by 1.24 billion people?

It was in 1859 that Johann Matthäus Voith built the first wood grinder for producing paper from wood fibre. Today, a large proportion of the world’s paper is produced on machines built by Voith Paper, one of four divisions that make Voith an important employer in over 60 countries. Our entire division is devoted to everything from the design to the start-up and maintenance of paper machines. The speciality papers our machines produce play an important part in everyday life. For example, almost all of India’s banknotes will be printed on paper produced by our machines.


Why Voith?

Did you know we make billions of journeys possible?

Day after day, Voith contributes to moving millions of people, goods and machines reliably. Our highly advanced technologies transmit and control powers under extreme conditions – safely and resource-sparingly. Drive components and systems from Voith Turbo can be found in a wide variety of industries: they are installed wherever power has to be converted into controlled movement.


Why Voith?
Voith Career on Twitter

Did you know our most powerful engine is human?

Become a Voithian!

Voith contributes to the solution of global tasks. In our markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive we meet future challenges and set standards. Join our international team when it comes to reconciling megatrends such as mobility and urbanization with a responsible utilization of resources!

Qualified, motivated and loyal employees are the engine for our innovative capability and competitiveness. The willingness to think ahead and an enthusiasm for technology is what all Voithians have in common. For our globally active company we search for employees that are respectful teamplayers and as diverse as our markets.

Voith is working on tomorrow`s technology and offers a wide range of fascinating and challenging tasks. Taking the responsibility for projects that make us proud is a working maxim put to practice at Voith. Naturally, we invest in our employees through further trainings in order to continuously advance careers. If you are looking for a challenging job with scope for creativity become a Voithian and shape the future of our company!

Use your chance – at Voith.

Apart from job postings, this page also provides information on Voith as an employer, our locations, as well as details about internships, training and studying with us.

Job search

For our globally active company we are looking for committed team players.

We are looking forward to your application.


Voith inaugurates small hydropower plant “Alte Bleiche” on its factory premises in Heidenheim, Germany

Voith has built a small hydropower plant on its factory premises in Heidenheim, Germany.

AFRIKA KOMMT! – Voith is part of the Initiative of German Industry for Future Leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa

Some of Germany's leading companies (Voith, SAP or Bosch among others) in their sector recognized the potential of Africa and set up the initiative AFRIKA KOMMT!, in which they train young African executives in their companies by giving them an insight into their work processes and management methods at the highest level. The State Office North Rhine-Westphalia of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is organizing and steering the capacity development program on behalf of the companies. Voith is part of the Project.

Carsten Wörner, a Technical Product Designer in his third year of training was awarded the "Dual Training Incentive Prize 2016".

On November 7, Carsten Wörner, a Technical Product Designer in his third year of training was awarded the "Dual Training Incentive Prize 2016". The incentive prize is given by the District Office in Heidenheim, as the authority responsible for vocational schools in the Heidenheim district, to trainees who show special commitment, as well as to training operations.

Interview with Leandra Deininger, Intern at Voith in the HR department Learning & Development

"I was able to establish a very good relationship with my colleagues. I work very closely especially with those colleagues who involved me in their projects."

Prize-Winning Employer: Voith Stands out in Studies of DEUTSCHLAND TEST and trendence

Voith has been awarded the “Deutschland-Siegel” (German quality seal) in the category “Top Career Opportunities” by Focus and Focus Money. In its study, DEUTSCHLAND TEST, a brand of Focus Money, looked at over 2000 Germany-based companies in 59 industrial sectors. In the category “Engineering Industry” Voith was declared the winner.

Trainees and Students from Ravensburg Visit Paper Mill

On 21 September 2016, the trainees and students of the Voith Paper location in Ravensburg visited the paper mill UPM in Ettringen, Lower Allgäu, accompanied by their mentor Julia Stroinski and two employees of the Ravensburg Project Division.

Cooperative education with Voith - Interview with Lukas Leitenberger

Lukas Leitenberger is Informatics student at DHBW in Heidenheim. He has already worked in several departments at Voith and also completed a traineeship in China. In our interview he talks about his studies.

Groundbreaking for small hydropower plant ‘Alte Bleiche’ on Voith factory premises Heidenheim

Heidenheim, Germany. The technology Group Voith is building a small hydropower plant on its factory premises in Heidenheim, which will serve as a demonstration hydro power plant for customers, employees and the interested public. It will use an innovative concept to generate electricity that will see a compact and environmentally friendly turbine installed in the river Brenz. Voith apprentices will play an important role in the project.

Successful Cooperation of Voith Hydro and Heidenheim Apprentices

In addition to their daily business Voith apprentices in Heidenheim cared for repair and overhaul of Voith Hydro’s mechanical crank generator. Now the model that is normally placed in the showroom of Voith Hydro‘s research and development center “Brunnenmuehle” is again in top condition.

First Class Insights into Industrial Practice

Last week, 16 school students completed the Schüler-Ingenieur-Akademie (Student-Engineering Academy) in Heidenheim. The closing event took place at Voith in Heidenheim.

Voith is Constantly Expanding Its Social Media Presence – Become Part of the Community!

Voith is gradually developing its online social media presence with the goal of being present everywhere where its customers are and where Voith people are in contact.

State's Best Apprentice at Voith Turbo Crailsheim

On 20 November 2015 the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored the state's 116 best finalists of this year's exams in a festive ceremony.

My Internship Semester at Voith
Progress Report by Christian Beer, Intern at Voith

Christian Beer studies Technical Logistics Management at Heilbronn University. At the Moment he is in the 5th semester of his Bachelor's degree, which is also his first internship semester. He intends to complete his studies in one year with a Bachelor dissertation on logistics concepts.

DHBW study course with Voith - Interview with Maximilian Gauland

In today's interview, Maximilian Gauland talks about his experiences to be a " dual studies student" at Voith. 

"Passionate, emotional, unique!"

"Passionate, emotional, unique!" - this is how the Business Division "Training" presented itself at the Voith Arena on Saturday 18 July 2015. This was the day when Heidenheim FC introduced their new second-division team and played against the first-division club Eintracht Frakfurt for the Liebhaber Cup. Frank Schmid's Heidenheim eleven won the cup with 2:1, after trailing behind with 0:1 at half time.

My pupil internship at Voith

My name is Alisa, I am 15 years old and live in Syrgenstein. I attend year nine of the Albertus Grammar School in Lauingen, where I will obtain my high school degree in 2018.

With Voith to Sochi

Seventh-Graders of Ernst-Abbe High School in Oberkochen Participate in the World Robot Olympiad in Sochi

My Internship at Voith

Progress Report by Mario Schiocchet, Intern at Voith

Interview of the month - Training program as Industrial Administrator

In today's interview Sarah Schilling talks about her traning program and her experiences at Voith.

A Double Bill of Experience

Studying at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and working at Voith - a proven combination.

Bonding Stuttgart visits Voith Heidenheim

The student initiative "Bonding" has organized an excursion to Voith in Heidenheim. 

Interview of the month - Interdepartmental Insights as an Intern at Voith

Experience Report by Corinna Carl, Intern at Voith

I studied industrial engineering at Aalen University for Technology and Economics, graduating as a Bachelor of Engineering.

Interview of the month - As an intern at Voith Paper

Dennis Johannsen is Bachelor-student in business administration at TU Flensburg. In today's interview he talks about his internship at the Controlling department of Voith Paper and his experiences at Voith.

Dual Studies – Voith Graduates Achieve Excellent Results and Win Four Prizes

In 2014, 21 dual students completed their studies at Voith. During their penultimate or final practical stage at Voith they wrote their Bachelor's theses and achieved outstanding results.

Girls Like Engineering, Too
MINT Camp for Female Pupils

Last Monday the one-week MINT Camp for girls kicked off, in which eleven young female pupils aged between 15 and 18 and interested in technology participated during their autumn holidays. The Camp had been initiated by the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Heidenheim with free entry for the participants. The week-long event offered an interesting and varied program staged by the DHBW and also by Voith.

Engineering Workshop – Experience Technology Up Close in Your Holidays!

This is the fifth time that Voith GmbH offers an Engineering Workshop during the Autumn Break for Voith children currently attending the sixth form. The holiday program is headed by the motto: Have Fun with Technology.

Interview of the month: Supplier Quality Engineer and Project Manager, Voith Turbo

Roland Hopf is Supplier Quality Engineer and Project Manager at Voith Turbo in Garching. In today's interview he talks about his entry and his experiences at Voith.

Voith Celebrates 10th Anniversary with AFS – Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.

A year abroad is alwasys a very special experience and an adventure about which even adults get carried away. An even more exciting event is when students decide to leave their home in Germany for a year, in order to get to know a foreign country and its culture. "We swam with dolphins, fished for piranhas and slept in hammocks on our boats at night," this is how the 16-year-old Gina Ensslin, who spent 10 months in faraway Brazil thanks to AFS and a partial scholarship from Voith remembers her experiences.

Buzz! – A Game Where Speed Counts

Buzzers are known from TV programs such as "Who wants to be a millionaire" or casting shows, where they are fitted to the desks of the jury members. But how does such a buzzer actually work? How is it constructed?

Interview of the month: Commissioning engineer hydropower stations, Voith Hydro

Maximilian Wernstedt is a commissioning engineer at Voith Hydro. In today's interview he talks about his start and his first experiences at Voith.

Bonding Support Organization Meets at Voith in Heidenheim

The half-yearly support group meeting of the student initiative "bonding" was held on 9 and 10 September 2014.

46 Young People Start Working Life at Voith in Heidenheim

Out of school and off to training: this Monday, 46 youths have started their vocational training at Voith in Heidenheim, Germany.

Interview with Mrs. Frey-Keddi on the Subject "Training and Application at Voith"

Mrs. Frey-Keddi, Head of High School Programs, currently looks after 83 dual students at Voith in Heidenheim. Today she answers our questions in an interview focusing on how to apply for a training place at Voith.

Self-designed, constructed and tested!
Voith students take 2nd place!

With their AnemoTec team from the Dual University (DH) of Heidenheim, Voith students Magnus Blaczek, Felix Göbel and Andreas Etzel took 2nd place in the "renewable energy challenge" realization competition.

DH Student Felix Göbel supports social project in Africa

From March 28 to April 4, dual mechanical engineering student Felix Göbel participated in a social project being run by the Dual University in Kenya under the leadership of Dr. Fritz. The aim of the project was to provide local support to the people of Timau, and to learn something about Kenyan lifestyle and culture. Felix talks today in an interview about his experiences.

Voith China Training Center Kicks off One-Year Technical Trainee Program

On July 28, 2014 the Voith China Training Center held the ceremony to kick off the one-year technical trainee program by welcoming the first class of trainees recruited from technical schools.

Interview of the month: Head of the Division special papers

Christian Münch is Head of the Division special papers. After his studies he started his career directly within Voith. In our interview he will tell us about his tasks and the experiences he has made within Voith.

Voith Apprentice Team Reaches Second Place in "ZusamMEnspiel 2014" Contest of "AusbildungsOffensive-Bayern"

Eva Heit, Martin Stanic and Adrian Rasthofer, three third-year Voith apprentices from Voith Turbo in Garching, joined forces with a team of pupils from the Munich Secondary School at Situlistraße to participate in the campaign "ZusamMEnspiel 2014“ of the Bavarian training initiative "AusbildungsOffensive-Bayern."

Not Just for Night Owls:
Voith Invites to "Night of Training"

Industrial Business Administrator? Bachelor of Engineering? Or rather Technical Product Designer? Pupils and students who want to take a closer look at the training opportunities offered by Voith are cordially invited to the Night of Training on Friday 18 July from 19:00 to 22:30 hours. At the Voith Training Center in Heidenheim the visitors can inform themselves about the application process, the training schemes and the dual study programs at Voith.

Interview of the month: Internship in the field of HR

Magdalena Denz is studying Internationale Business Adminstration and has completed her internship for 6 month in Stuttgart in the field of HR. Afterwards she was employed in the same department as working student and there she is currently writing her thesis. In this interview she is talking about her experiences.

Voith Steps on the Gas with the E-Motion Racing Team of Aalen

Formula Student is an international design competition between students from various universities, set up in 1981 in the USA by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Interview of the month: DHBW studies informatics

Lukas Leitenberger is studying informatics at DHBW (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University) in Heidenheim und is currently in his third year. He has already worked in several departments of Voith GmbH and completed a practical internship in China. In this interview he talks about his studies.

A Place for the Future in Heidenheim

A modern workshop of 2,400 square meters, 46 offices and training rooms, an investment of EUR 16 million and about 20 months construction time - the new Voith Training Center in Heidenheim is another milestone in the history of training at Voith, which spans more than 100 years. With the new building, the company rings in a new era of training and further education and sets a strong signal for the company's head office.

Interview of the month: Apprenticeship Mechatronics (m/f)

Philipp Schiele offers insights in his apprenticeship in Mechatronics at Voith in Heidenheim. 

Voith award Scholarships for a School Year in Brazil

In cooperation with AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V. (AFS Intercultural Programs), the Hanns Voith Foundation and Voith GmbH will be awarding a partial scholarship for a one-year stay in Brazil during the Brazilian school year running from February 2015 to January 2016.

Girls’Day at Voith: 31 Girls Experience Technical Jobs First Hand

As part of the national Girls’Day, 31 girls from grades six to eight of schools from Heidenheim and surrounding areas informed themselves about technical careers at the Voith training center today. Girls’Day is Germany's largest career orientation project for girls and meant to promote and support their interest in technical jobs.

Meeting of the Bonding supporters in Berlin

On 11 and 12 March the half-yearly meeting of the Bonding sponsoring members took place, which is always held at one of the 18 associated companies.

Dual Students Win Concept Competition

Dual students from Voith win prize at the concept competition "renewable energy challenge“ in the subject of energy generation by wind power. The project of the Voith students Blaczek, Göbel and Etzel was selected as one of the three best in the Tulla lecture theatre of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) on 16 January 2014.

Voith Turbo presents Aalen University with a Gauge-Change Transmission

Since the end of 2013, Aalen University has a new display item. The new exhibit is a gauge-change transmission, which has been handed over to the University by Voith Turbo. The item is on show in the foyer of the main building and thus on permanent display for all students to see.

Prime Cup

On 11 and 12 July 2013 the nationwide final of PrimeCup took place in Hamburg. Thanks to their sustainable strategic concept, the Voith students managed to reach place three in the finals.

Job Information Day

On Saturday 29 June 2013 we will be holding our annual Job Information Day from 09:00 to 13:00 hours. Visitors can learn everything about our job training schemes and our offers of dual study courses. Our apprentices and trainees will show practical exercises at their workplaces and will be happy to answer any queries you might have.

Girl’s Day

As part of Germany's nationwide Girls' Day,Voith welcomed a total of 60 young ladies from Heidenheim schools in its training center on 25th of April 2013.

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