At the end of your training at Voith we have provided you with all the skills and know-how you need for your future job. Your apprenticeship or study course at Voith makes you fit for further professional development.

What's next after you have been hired by Voith? In our job descriptions you can find classic further training programs for your specific career. Still, these are not rigid models; you are always allowed to go into any direction, depending on which further training path you choose after your entry into the professional world.

Important career steps at Voith not only provide new opportunities for employees but are also valuable to the company as a whole. Multi-faceted qualification measures boost the professional development of our workforce. An important element of the Voith culture is to fill senior positions preferably with our own in-house talent.

However, there are also career opportunities for specialists without personnel responsibilities. We need a large number of team players and experts with a passion for their field and a lust for learning. Commitment and fresh ideas are rewarded with more responsibility and exciting tasks. At the same time, we also promote the professional development of our employees with a wide range of qualification measures.

"Prior to my direct entry as Inspection Engineer at Voith Hydro I studied mechanical engineering according to the "Ulmer Modell" and thus also completed an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic."

Tobias Weiser,
former Student