Calendering Technology Center

With the pilot calenders at the Heidenheim Calendering Technology Center, the best possible combination of nip pressure, temperature and roll surface for each grade can be determined for your products, whether they are board and packaging, specialty, or graphic papers. As a result of the trials, you will successfully reach your project goals and produce your target paper quality with the tailor-made calender concept.

We can provide you with different calender technologies to customize your paper to your customers’ needs. Various options for the pre-conditioning of your paper prior to calendering will bring the pilot process close to reality.

Highly skilled engineers and machine operators ensure the smooth execution of the pilot runs and evaluation of the results. The results are significant and reliable and provide clarity regarding the measures to be carried out on your machines.

Voith R&D also frequently utilizes the Calendering Technology Center to test and demonstrate ist new developments.


Heidenheim, Germany
Tel. +49 7321 37 2487