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Regardless of whether you are developing, building, or operating wind turbines – the common goal is to reduce the costs per kilowatt-hour generated (Cost of Energy). An innovative and reliable drive system is a decisive factor in this.

Voith has developed complete drivelines for over 100 years. You can profit from this know-how, from planning, to design and all the way to the final product. We deal with transmitting power in the multi-megawatt range on a daily basis – both on-shore and offshore. The hydrodynamic variable speed WinDrive gearbox is only one example of our passion for developing innovative products. With the WinDrive Technology, you generate power of power plant quality, completely without power electronics.

Using a drive system from Voith, your wind turbine will run reliably and improve your bottom line significantly. Even special requirements of the drive components are nothing special for us.

Products for wind turbines:

  • Fluid couplings
  • Torque-limiting couplings
  • Universal joint shafts
  • Hirth couplings
  • Highly flexible couplings
  • Variable speed WinDrive gearbox
  • Connection couplings

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