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Our HyService teams at Voith offer repairs, spare parts, preventive maintenance, inspections and assessments. Our focus is clear: Voith is your partner to extend the lifetime of your hydropower plant at any point of its life cycle. And we want to keep it running smoothly.

Als ein erfahrener Partner im Service Geschäft unterstützen wir Sie daher in jedem Bereich des Kraftwerk-Betriebs.
Zuverlässig, erfahren, weltweit vertreten.

  • Assessment
  • Diagnose & Datenanalyse
  • Ersatzteilservice
  • Wartung & Instandhaltung
  • Reparaturarbeiten
  • Generalüberholung in den Ursprungszustand
  • Notfall-Sofortservice
  • Vor-Ort-Instandsetzung

HyService Produkte - HyService Produkte, die Mehrwert schaffen:

  • Remote-Service
  • Voith Hydro Erosionsschutz-Beschichtungen



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Aging and deteriorating hydropower plant equipment poses considerable risk to reliability.

Significant investment in replacing, repairing, and refurbishing hydroelectric equipment is required to ensure the continued viability and cost-effectiveness of existing hydropower assets.

An assessment provided by Voith creates a framework to streamline, simplify, and improve the evaluation of hydroelectric equipment condition to enhance asset and risk management decision making.

Diagnostic & Data Evaluation

With the help of an installed online monitoring and analysis system, Voith experts can supply regularly operational assessments of the hydropower unit. The machine data is transferred either via remote access or e-mail from site to Voith specialists and an assessment report is created.

For specific problems, preventive or for comprehensive assessments (e.g. prior to a major overhaul) existing data may not be sufficient for the required evaluation. In such cases, required data can be recorded by a temporarily installed data acquisition system on-site.
The report created can include the evaluation of the machine condition, analysis of detected anomalies, recommendations for the correction of defects,  advanced measurements to detect them as well as alert and trip optimization. The report will also show our recommendations for repair, modification, changed mode of operation and others.

Spare Parts Service

With years of operation, mechanical and electrical hydropower components are exposed to wear, or break. Depending on the condition, such as speed, pressure, environment (e.g. water with abrasive contamination) the components need to be replaced in regular cycles to ensure the proper functioning of the plant.

Voith offers for all its machines the engineering, delivery and installation of original (in kind) and customized spare parts; and if requested by customer also sub-supplier parts.


Keeping your hydropower equipment in operational mode demands continuous maintenance. Older machines need attention to ensure an even longer trouble free operational life time. Voith supports you by sending out experts to maintain your complete hydropower equipment ensuring longer life time and avoiding unplanned outages. This includes cases like the efficient restart of your unit after an outage. As an added value, Voith offers customized service contracts on maintenance of your complete hydropower plant equipment.


During operation of a hydropower plant, several machine components are affected by mechanical and electrical stresses. Depending on the condition of the unit some repairs (preventative or mandatory) are needed in order to preserve the integrity of the unit and its components.

General Overhaul

Our expertise in HyService has been developed to keep reliability of your hydropower plant and its components during its lifetime. Anyway, after many years of operation the performance and availability of hydropower plants steadily declines.

Voith has the engineering experts you need to restore your hydropower equipment to "as new condition". This HyService will result in the increasing of your asset's value and profitability, life expectancy and reduction of efforts to the costs of operations and maintenance.

Emergency Support

In case of an emergency, Voith service experts are on “stand by“ to go directly on site or to support via remote service in order to:


  • restore the respective component condition to continuous operation
  • include a temporary emergency repair allowing the hydropower machine to operate until a planned outage
  • give direct recommendation / correction measures via a remote analysis (see also Remote Service HyCon)


When machining of parts and components needs to be done onsite, Voith has the specialists you need. We do cavitation repair, embedded component machining, single turbine component machining, and other services.


Our HyCon™ family combines a wide range of automation components into one efficient and integrated system that is available for service and plant maintenance or rehabilitation projects. Voith Hydro automation service experts are able to run prompt trouble shootings by evaluating your machine data. This will be the basis for recommendations regarding actions to implement.

Voith Hydro Erosion Protective Coatings

Because problems can occur due to abrasive erosion, cavitation, or corrosion, WISE® – our Wear Inert Surface Enhancement – provides different surface protection techniques for hydraulic machines - DIATURB® HVOF for hard coatings and SOFTURB® polymer for soft coatings.


Additionaly, we provide our service to plants of the following manufacturers:

  • AEG/Hydro
  • Allis Chalmers
  • Ansaldo
  • Fuji Electric/Hydro
  • Hydro-Art
  • Kössler
  • Riva
  • Riva Hydroart
  • S. Morgan Smith
  • Shanghai Hydro-Power
  • Siemens
  • Tosi
  • Vally iron Works
  • VG Power
  • Westinghouse