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Voith HyService is committed to extending the life of hydropower plants and keeping them operating at peak level, wherever they are. With nearly 150 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining hydropower equipment, Voith is your competent service partner.

Your benefit:

The Voith HyService team members all over the world stand ready day and night to prevent unexpected outages or to respond to them quickly. They are committed to extending the lifetime of each hydropower plant and to keeping them operating smoothly.

  • As an experienced full-service supplier Voith offers complete and customized service solutions from a single source.
  • Our team ensures availability and reliability for the smooth operation of your system
  • HyService is a global network of experts available around the clock.

"Our HyService Team provides tailor-made service solutions. On site, on time and on budget"

Christian Poetsch, Head of Service at Voith Hydro

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As the legal successor of many pioneering and leading companies in the hydro power market, Voith delivers service for an entire range of brands.

Voith HyService Experts

On Site. On Time. On Budget.

At Voith, we can offer comprehensive monitoring methods and service tools as well as flexible service teams. We always need to be in the right place at the right time – with both a wrench and a laptop in hand.

Service Agreement

Voith Remote Service

Voith HyService provides customized Service Agreement packages to meet your highest availability and reliability expectations. A Service Agreement supports you by covering the following tasks: commissioning and training, regular planned maintenance, high-tech remote diagnostics, and preventive maintenance. For more information please contact HyService@voith.com

Emergency Support

Voith Emergency Support

Our HyService Team is dedicated to helping you on-site or with remote service at any time. Our experts are on standby worldwide and support you in analyzing the problem and implementing a temporary repair until planned on-site maintenance.

Digital Solution

Voith Automation

To stay one step ahead, we are always developing new methodologies for efficient data analysis. For plant maintenance, diagnostics as well as data analysis, Voith offers a wide range of automation components with its HyCon series. This series allows real-time monitoring and operational assessments. It also enables Voith experts to troubleshoot and recommend corrective actions. Read more

On-Site Machining

On-Site Machining

Voith has the specialists and tools you need. We are able to machining parts and components on-site to reduce downtime. We do cavitation repair, embedded component machining, single turbine component machining, and other services.

The Voith HyService Portfolio

Discover the many fields of our HyService Portfolio

From simple repairs to general overhauls, restoring systems to their original state, or full customized service agreements HyService capabilities cover all types of generators, turbines and hydraulic machines and valves, as well as automation and auxiliary equipment.

Assessment and Consulting

Voith Assessment Consulting

Assessment and Consulting is based on deep knowledge and long experience. Voith provides customers with access to tremendous expertise on hydroelectric equipment. They benefit from an early warning system and can define individual frameworks to streamline, simplify and improve their hydroelectric equipment. This leads to significant cost savings in terms of replacing, repairing and refurbishing.

Education and Training

Voith Education and Training

The Education and Training program is designed to meet a wide range of our customers’ needs, extending from detailed technical courses for hydroelectric equipment engineers to overview courses for commercial managers. For more details on the available courses, certificates and schedules, please visit our HydroSchool webpage.


Voith Maintenance

Maintenance offers a wide range of services, from planning, monitoring and assistance. Today’s power plants often rely on technology that has been in use for several decades. HyService experts can maintain all your hydroelectric equipment to ensure longevity and prevent unplanned outages. This includes scenarios such as the efficient restart of your unit after an outage. Voith also offers one-stop solutions with customized service contracts.

Spare Parts

Voith Spare Parts

Spare Parts deliver precision and reliability for customized spare parts. This guarantees the highest quality engineering, delivery and installation of original and customized spare parts for all our hydroelectric equipment. Our customers benefit from the fact that all machine components work perfectly together and deliver maximum plant performance and longevity.


Voith Refurbishment and Upgrades

Refurbishment and Upgrades maintains the reliability of your hydroelectric equipment over its expected lifetime and beyond. HyService experts deliver solutions to refurbish and upgrade all your hydroelectric equipment. HyService increases your asset’s value, profitability and life expectancy while reducing operational and maintenance costs.


Voith Repair

HyService’s Repairs give our customers the confidence that if something goes wrong, any hydroelectric equipment affected by mechanical and electrical stresses can be repaired, even at very short notice. Our HyService experts will professionally define the required scope of repair and detect hidden failures.

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