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Air compressors for bus retrofits

Our service spectrum covers precharged two- and three-cylinder air compressors made from gray-cast iron or cast aluminum. For Voith air compressors we offer technical consultation, maintenance, and spare parts service, replacement units, as well as repairs on site or in our service workshop.

Overview of the air compressors available for retrofits:

In long-distance and municipal buses for engines from

Type Model
Daimler OM457LA OM457hLA OM906LA OM906hLA OM936hLA OM470 OM471LA
Volvo D5 D9 D10 D11 D12


Information regarding prices, delivery times, installation kits, installed vehicle components, and replacement air compressors for air compressors of other manufacturers is available upon request.



Why Voith Original Spare Parts?

Air Compressors:

What may initially appear to be the same can be expensive in the end: due to deficient processing, low-quality materials, or poor design. Avoid expensive subsequent damage - by using original Voith spare parts. Reliable, robust, economical: Only Voith Original Spare Parts are technically of state-of-the-art series production and tuned perfectly to the complete system. With our original spare parts we offer high product quality and thus mobility and security when on the road

In case of a repair we offer you cost-effective original parts and technically high-quality repair kits, for example to replace the cylinder head and sealing elements.

All spare parts come with a 1 year warranty.


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More Air. Compressors for Retrofits

More Air. Compressors for Retrofits

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Product Range Air Compressors

Product Range Air Compressors

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