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        OnEfficiency Service products

        Voith expands its Smart Service portfolio by new OnEfficiency solutions. OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is a technical software configuration update for the DIWA transmission. OnEfficiency.DriverAssist provides the driver with real time information about driving style and motivates him to improve driving behavior. The products aim to significantly and sustainably reduce fuel consumption of buses und to enhance safety.

        Creative service approach

        When a turbo gear unit in a production-critical plant fails due to an operational malfunction, the alarm bells go off for any producer. Keeping the window of time until restart as short as possible is given the highest priority. However, what do you do when it will take at least 30 weeks to manufacture a replacement gear unit? Using creativity and a bit of luck, the Voith Service team was able to deliver a planetary gear to the customer in only 14 days.

        Component overhaul in the power plant

        Many plant operators are not aware of the components in their driveline and the influence they can have on the performance of the entire plant. Regular, professional service plays a large role in assuring operation. During a five-day long assignment, the Voith Service team managed to help a power plant operator resolve a problem which had been ongoing for two years.

        Operational stability and higher performance using a retrofit

        In 24/7 operation, usually only the plant availability counts. This is primarily the case if a single system covers more than half the capacity. Even short downtimes generate enormous shutdown losses. Overloading or a faulty design of components often causes problems. The situation can be improved with a qualified system retrofit like in the case of a conveyor belt in a loading and deloading terminal.
        As a service manager in Australia, three items are critical: listening to the customer, being flexible, and always giving my all in my work.
        Gurpreet Kooner, Service Manager at Voith in Australia
        The close cooperation with Voith is a key factor for the effective utilization of the system when it comes to evaluating the data collected by SmartMaintenance.
        Georges Nave, Maintenance Director at Keolis in Bordeaux
        We help rail operators to focus on their core business, which is to transport passengers or freight from A to B.
        Ulf Klaua, Director Sales at Voith in Germany

        Voith Service for all manufacturer brands

          You trust a service provider based on his experience, most of all if the brands of other manufacturers are involved. Voith is proving this day in and day out.

          Voith has earned the trust of its customers with more than 200 overhauls and more than 100 replacement units with more than 20 years of experience in the service of non-Voith brands. Almost the same range of services is offered – from maintenance, repairs, spare parts and technical services, all the way to modernization projects and retrofits.

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