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Retarder Diagnostic Tools

The search for malfunctions in the retarder can be a time-consuming, complex task without professional diagnostic tools. We offer the appropriate tools for comprehensive diagnostics on the retarder control system.

Diagnostic Tool Description Download

WinDia 2.0 diagnostic software

Using WinDia 2.0 you can detect existing malfunctions in the control system of the retarder, open measured values, and perform tests.


WinDia 2.0 software (.exe-File)

The subsequent activation required is subject to a charge (key code) and has to be ordered by specifying Voith part number 153.00112310.

You can order it here:

The key code will be sent to you by email.


WinDia 2.0 User Manual (PDF)

Diagnostic cable

Adapter cable for bus application:

Length: 10m

Connection between the retarder control device / vehicle cable harness and USB interface. See also Section 2.2 in the WinDia 2.0 User Manual.

Voith part number H53.825523

Not required for Voith Aquatarder SWR

USB Interface

Required to establish the connection between the retarder control device or diagnostic port in the vehicle and the WinDia 2.0 diagnostic software. See also Section 2.2 in the WinDia 2.0 Manual.

Voith part number 153.0013402x; complete with USB cable and connection to the diagnostic cable or diagnostic port in the vehicle.

Not suitable for the Digiprop control. In this case contact our technical support team.

Retarder test device, universal           

The retarder test device enables testing of retarder performance including its peripherals (actuator and sensors) as well as a test for leaks.
During diagnostics, the retarder is disconnected from the retarder control device and vehicle electronics. This enables targeted testing of electrical and mechanical components on the retarder.
The testing takes place exclusively with the vehicle shut down.

Voith part number 153.00108510; complete wih all connection cables and sensors.

Not suitable for Aquatarder SWR


Operating manual for retarder universal test device (PDF)

Measurement adapter

The “Little solution”, as an alternative to the retarder universal test device and the ideal supplement to the testing activities using the WinDia 2.0 diagnostic software.
The measurement adapter can be used to check the actuator and sensors on the retarder for proper function.

Voith part number H53.819810

Not suitable for Voith Aquatarder SWR.



Remanufactured Retarder - The Intelligent Alternative to Repair

Remanufactured retarder means that a used retarder is brought up to the quality standard of a new device. The entire retarder must be taken apart. Components and assemblies are checked following the strictest specifications and replaced if necessary. It can also be technologically upgraded by replacing obsolete components.
Trained specialists install the Reman retarder. Pneumatic and electrical final testing is carried out on each unit to ensure the highest quality standard.

Available at short notice from the warehouse, which minimizes downtime
Acceptance of the used part, with its value reimbursed
Comes with the Voith warranty – 1 year/100,000 km
Reduce your ecological footprint by using refurbished products.
Reduce your operating costs by using refurbished products, which are generally XX%-XX% cheaper than new parts.



Repairs / Maintenance Voith Retarder

What we offer:

  • Repairs on all delivered retarders within one day
  • Repair and replacement of the retarder in the vehicle within one day
  • Customer service on the retarder
  • Delivery of preliminary exchange retarders of types: VR 115 HV, VR 115 E: You receive a replacement unit and pay only for the repair costs of your old unit.

We repair all Voith retarders as long as the spare parts are still available and the repair makes sense economically. Or, we will offer you a cost-effective Reman solution.


We perform comprehensive diagnostics on the retarder and control system. We also offer diagnostics and function checks for individual components such as the proportional valve and control unit.



Why Voith Original Spare Parts?


What may initially appear to be the same can be expensive in the end: due to deficient processing, low-quality materials, or poor design. Avoid expensive subsequent damage - by using original Voith spare parts. Reliable, robust, economical: Only Voith Original Spare Parts are technically of state-of-the-art series production and tuned perfectly to the complete system. With our original spare parts we offer high product quality and thus mobility and security when on the road.

In case of a repair we are happy to offer you cost-effective original parts and technically high-quality repair kits, or our remanufactured retarder. They are a fast, intelligent alternative to repair.

Additionally, we provide you with a 1 year warranty for spare parts and replacement parts. Of course, we take back your old parts and dispose of them properly.




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Voith Retarder product programme

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