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Gebhard Salcher, Vice President Field Service Technology, Voith Hydro
Implementing complex hydropower projects is both fascinating and challenging. As a field service employee, you are the interface between a variety of different stakeholders and often have to find convincing solutions under great time pressure. From this point of view, it is my responsibility to achieve a win-win situation - both for the customer and for Voith.
Gebhard Salcher, Vice President Field Service Technology

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    As a successful international company of 20,000 employees, Voith offers career opportunities in 3 group divisions, 5 markets and over 60 countries.

    Career benefits at Voith

    • Interesting responsibilities, challenging tasks and a scope for creativity
    • Work on cutting-edge products for a leading technology innovator
    • Collaboration in and with cross-national and cross-cultural teams
    • Emphasis on in-company promotion and management for employee retention
    • Comprehensive career development support at all levels
    • Leadership programs

    Voith is an employer who cares

    • Family-friendly benefits
    • Equal-opportunity employment
    • Diverse and inclusive global environment

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    What we look for in candidates

      You want to apply your knowledge and skills to new challenges, and change the landscape of technology? Then, one of our openings for experienced professionals at Voith may be the perfect opportunity to accelerate your career.

      We are interested in people who

      • have strong skills in their chosen profession
      • are experienced team players who drive collaboration and inclusion
      • share our passion for technology and innovation
      • demonstrate competence and integrity
      • are self-motivated, curious and genuine
      • challenge themselves and take initiative
      • strive for personal and professional growth

      Let us surprise you

      As a technology company, we are always on the look out for experienced professionals with a tech background, from skilled workers to technicians, from engineers to IT specialists.

      But we cannot run a company with tech staff alone. The people in business, sales, and administration are just as important. Some of our sites hire doctors, cooks, or even offer qualified training in catering. Check out our openings!

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      Why you should join Voith

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        Diversity and inclusion are core leadership competencies

        People are our greatest strength, and we strive to attract talent from the broadest pool to foster creativity, innovation and productivity. We feel a diverse and inclusive ecosystem with people from different backgrounds, experiences and locations - who reflect the customers and communities we serve - is critical to our ability to tackle global challenges. Training initiatives and leadership programs at Voith reflect our aim to actively promote diversity and inclusion.

        A family-owned company dedicated to sustainability

        Our more than 150-year company history is testament to our dedication to the concept of sustainability. It shapes all our interactions – with the environment, with our customers, with our employees. We feel it is our responsibility to future generations to handle resources and energy efficiently and to avoid environmental risks at all our locations. We aim to be a reliable and fair employer. We value the strengths and perspectives of our people and are invested in their personal and professional growth. As leaders in our industry in terms of occupational health and safety, we are deeply committed to offering a safe working environment and to protect their health.

        We support you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance

        We believe in a supportive and cooperative environment. The reconciliation of family and working life is an integral part of our personnel management approach. This is why we offer a variety of working-hour models, from part time to jobs that combine work at the office and from home. Measures vary from site to site, but in addition to medical advice from company doctors, Voith offers preventive health-care check-ups and health courses.

        Voith is an award-winning employer

          “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter)<BR>We have committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the business world.

          “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter)
          We have committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the business world.
          all awards
          Trendence Award top employer for engineering graduates.

          Graduate Barometer Top 100
          Fair Company award 2021.

          Fair Company
          For Fair Working Conditions

          Reach your full potential with Voith

            At Voith, you can continue to develop your career in a fast-paced and innovative environment. We facilitate and emphasize a culture of lifelong learning.

            We aim to increase work predictability and career sustainability. The career trajectories of each of our employees are unique – our career development programs respect and reflect that. They support you in becoming the best you can be.

            At Voith, we have created a culture that fosters lifelong learning, from our self-service booking platform for continued learning – to fully-fledged leadership programs for first-time managers and experienced professionals.
            • Training centers in Heidenheim, Germany and in Kunshan, China
            • Multiple in-house training programs and schools
            • Mentors and coaches
            Leadership at Voith

            Professionals at Voith share their experiences

              Competent, motivated and involved – it’s the people that drive our innovation and competitiveness.

              We want everybody at Voith to have the same chances to self-improve through comprehensive options for continued education and varied career paths essentially open to all levels and ranks.
              Petra Flüg, Team Leader Recruiting - Recruiting Services
              Quote of Petra Flüg, Team Leader Recruiting - Recruiting Services
              We want everybody at Voith to have the same chances to self-improve through comprehensive options for continued education and varied career paths essentially open to all levels and ranks.
              Petra Flüg, Team Leader Recruiting - Recruiting Services

              Tax compliance and tax accounting

              Voith has given me the chance to work with very different people and to do so with flexibility and independence. I feel, with my work, I can contribute to shaping the future of Voith.
              Reena Meißner
              Director Tax Compliance / Tax Accounting

              Tell us about yourself

              I’m married with two kids and I work part-time. In my job, I prepare tax returns, support and accompany audits and coordinate the annual financial statement.

              What do you like about Voith?

              The international character of Voith and the diversity of its people fascinate me, as do the international perspective and variety of activities and the friendly working environment.

              Voith places great emphasis on employee friendliness and a good work–life balance. When I returned after my maternity leave, Voith made it possible for me to work part-time.

              Commissioning Engineer

              70-80 percent traveling internationally is the rule, and that’s exactly what makes this job so exciting for me!
              Sebastian Bläsing, Commissioning Engineer, Voith Paper

              Can you tell us a little about your job?

              As a commissioning engineer, you spend your life at construction sites. In my eight years on the job, I have put machines into service all over the world. I work in Asia a lot, especially in China, South Korea and India. But there are also projects in Europe. Commissioning on site is a lot of work, but it’s stimulating and there is lots of variety.

              What do you like about working for Voith Paper?

              It fascinates me that these huge machines, in a highly complex process, produce something as delicate as paper! I’ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in an extremely short period of time, and I was allowed to take on responsibility pretty early on.

              What is your experience with team work?

              Co-workers from very different departments and, frequently, different countries come together when we commission a medium-sized facility. At the last site I was working on, the team comprised people from eight nations. That’s both interesting and challenging. It’s an ideal opportunity to grow your soft skills, your collaborative skills and build your problem-solving expertise. After all, in commissioning everything has to be a perfect fit, down to the last screw.

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