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            • Sustainability Report with fact base 2017

              PDF, 5.76 MB
            • Interim Report 2018

              Digital Transformation PDF, 1.85 MB
            • Annual Report 2017

              PDF, 5.86 MB
            • Interim Report 2017

              PDF, 1.84 MB
            • Annual Report 2016

              PDF, 3.72 MB
            • Voith’s Sustainability Report

              PDF, 5.76 MB


            • Voith Report, Magazine for Voithians

              Issue 1/2017 PDF, 4.62 MB
            • Voith Report China, magazine for Voithians in China

              Issue 1/2017 PDF, 4.96 MB
            • Voith Report, Magazine for Voithians

              Issue 2/2016 PDF, 3.92 MB
            • Voith Report China, magazine for Voithians in China

              Issue 1/2016 PDF, 7.71 MB


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              Corporate and Market Communications

              Lars A. Rosumek

              Senior Vice President Group Communications


              Global Corporate Media

              Dirk Böckenhoff

              Global Corporate Communications


              t +49 7321 37-3456, CET (UTC+1h)

              Global Market Communications

              Kristine Adams

              Vice President Global Market Communications


              t +49 7321 37-2228, CET (UTC+1h)

              Susanne Speiser

              Global Trade Media Relations


              t +49 7321 37-8497, CET (UTC+1h)

              Regional Media Contacts

              Li, Jackie



              t +86 512 3663-5066 (UTC+8h)

              Simone Rampmaier

              Europe, Middle East and Africa


              t +49 7321 37-2060 (UTC+1h)

              Sheryl Zapcic

              North America


              t +1 717 792-7245, CST (UTC-6h)

              Gilson Campos

              South America


              t +55 11 3944-4385, AST (UTC-3h)

              Stakeholder Survey 2018 – Voith GmbH & Co KGaA

              We cordially invite you to participate in our Stakeholder Survey 2018.

              Its aim is to find out how you evaluate Voith's economic, social and environmental impacts and where you see improvement potentials in terms of the company’s sustainability performance.

              The Survey Questionnaire will take around 10 minutes to complete.

              Would you like to take part?