BHS AeroMaXX in the power, oil and gas industry
Increase your turbo gearbox efficiency by up to 30%


Efficiency to the MaXX

    Reducing both the power loss and the previous lubrication and cooling oil volume by 30%, the BHS AeroMaXX is clever and simple however most importantly reliable. The savings potential is considerable, starting at a pitch line velocity of approximately 120 m/s and growing exponentially with increasing speed.

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    Technology overview

    Find out if we can help you save by increasing your plants efficiency with a BHS AeroMaXX retrofit or installation:

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    Adaptive inner housing

    The BHS AeroMaXX can be installed in a new gear unit or provided as a simple upgrade. The technology consists of an inner housing for the gear set, which fits in the gear unit housing. This is a purely passive mechanical solution and does not need any additional units.

    The BHS AeroMaXX technology will increase the efficiency of your system while reducing your oil requirement.

    Simple visual inspection of gears

    After installation of the inner housing, a visual inspection of the gears is still possible at any time.

    This means that you can visually inspect the gears as quickly as usual without removing the upper section of the gear unit or the inner housing.

    Optimized bearings

    Apart from the inner housing, the BHS AeroMaXX technology consists of the optimized Voith BHS EcoMax bearings for the high-speed shaft.

    The new BHS EcoMax allows you to reach a significant increase in efficiency, with a simultaneous decrease in oil consumption of 30%. Thus the operating conditions of the bearing and the associated product reliability remain unchanged.

    Reduced oil consumption for cooling

    With the new BHS AeroMaXX technology, the overall oil consumption is reduced by more than 30%. Around 90% of the used oil effectively dissipates the generated heat over the surface of the windage inner housing. This oil is introduced to the front of the steel housing via oil nozzles and drains off. Losses from turbulence are reduced to a minimum.

    Efficient lubrication

    After installation of the inner housing, a visual inspection of the gears is still possible at any time.

    This means that you can visually inspect the gears as quickly as usual without removing the upper section of the gear unit or the inner housing.

    About the technology

    Two components are equally important with respect to this considerable energy gain:

    Optimized sleeve bearings:

    • Improved sliding behavior whilst reducing oil volume required is obtained with the modified specially-contoured offset sleeve bearings

    The inner housing:

    • Windage losses due to the swirled oil-air mixture and as a result of oil being squeezed through the gear mesh, is reduced as a result of the low amount of oil lubrication required
    • Controlled heat dissipation is achieved when the cooling oil volume is applied to the external surface of the inner housing
    • Quick installation possible with the modular inner housing that fits optimally into the gear unit housing
    • The steel welded inner housing fits closely to the gear set and effects a separation between the absolutely-required lubrication oil volume and dissipation of the generated thermal energy.


    • Increases driveline efficiency by up to 30%
    • Reduces oil consumption by up to 30%
    • Smaller oil system required as a result of the lower oil requirement. This substantially reduces procurement, treatment and oil disposal costs and increases the operating efficiency of the system
    • Reliability with a constant operational characteristic of the turbo gear unit
    • Improved noise and temperature values
    • Performance improvement without additional instrumentation
    • Fast amortization
    • Retrofit option on all brands irrespective of the manufacturer
    • Reduced CO2 emissions

    Typical applications

    In general, BHS AeroMaXX is suitable for use in applications with turbo parallel shaft gear units where high pitch line velocities occur in conjunction with medium and high power outputs. These include, for example:

    • Gas turbines on generators
    • Gas turbines on compressors
    • Steam turbines on generators
    • Electric motors on compressors

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