FiberDry: Extensive flexibility and high productivity for the glass mat industry

  • Highest glass mat quality thanks to optimized uniform distribution of air speeds and temperatures within the dryer 
  • Modular concept allows ideal configuration for each customer and extensive flexibility in production
  • Optional infrared module increases productivity, availability and glass mat quality
  • Industry 4.0 platform (predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, trend monitoring and virtual sensing)
Thanks to its high degree of flexibility and availability, Voith’s FiberDry is the ideal drying system for the glass mat industry.
HEIDENHEIM, Germany. With FiberDry, Voith establishes a flexible and efficient system for drying applications in glass mat manufacturing. Its technological characteristics lead to higher glass mat quality, improved availability and productivity, and greater safety compared with conventional drying systems in the glass mat industry.

Based on its long-standing expertise in drying paper and the associated process know-how, Voith is now enabling the efficient drying of glass mat through its new FiberDry system. Voith provides support to customers from the initial consultation through commissioning to optimization of future product variations, and also offers comprehensive servicing of all components and the entire system.
With FiberDry, Voith is the only supplier in the market to combine convection with infrared drying. As a result, the strengths of infrared drying can be exploited to overcome the physical limitations of convection drying, so that by combining both heat transfer principles, an ideal result is produced.

In view of the wide-ranging requirements and applications in the glass mat industry, Voith offers the new dryer as a highly flexible modular principle. Thanks to a customized combination of modules and drying concepts, FiberDry can be tailored precisely to the needs of glass mat producers and therefore enables optimum product results. Optionally, an upstream infrared drying module can be used to achieve high drying intensities right at the start of the process, increasing both the quality of the glass mat and the productivity of the entire dryer. In addition, fouling in the air dryers due to dispersed glass fibers and binding agents is minimized, which results in better availability. Thanks to the modular design, the air systems are independent of one another, so in the event of any malfunctions like a failed burner, production can continue. 

Alongside the modular concept, customers also benefit from other outstanding technical functions like adjustment of the web width, which allows for uniform drying of the glass mat for various product widths while reducing energy consumption. Due to its unique insulation concept, FiberDry offers maximum sealing capacity over the entire service life.

FiberDry is not just suitable for use in new systems but can also be retrofitted to existing plants. The retrospective integration of a customized infrared drying module can help achieve a significant increase in performance over the entire line as well as a substantial improvement in quality. Moreover, the individually adjustable infrared heaters can be used for CD moisture profiling to balance out unequal spread caused by the existing dryer (over-drying of edges and under-drying of web center). In addition, retrofitting the VibroBeam vibration unit achieves a significant improvement in the produced glass mat quality. 

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