DIWA SmartNet from Voith: Simple and Efficient Driveline Monitoring Over the Entire Life Cycle

With the DIWA SmartNet telemetry system, bus operators gain a quick and simple overview of vehicle operational data as well as insight into potential optimization of vehicle use, maintenance and service. DIWA SmartNet 2.0 regularly transfers and analyzes the operational and service data of the DIWA transmission. The operator is automatically notified of any impending malfunctions, which in turn supports a preventive maintenance strategy.
Functional principle of DIWA SmartNet from Voith.
DIWA SmartNet offers an integrated solution for driveline monitoring and quick and direct access to operational data. The new DIWA SmartNet generation 2.0 now also transfers transmission diagnostic data over Wi-Fi, which saves considerable costs compared to the first generation's mobile phone solution. DIWA SmartNet can still be easily integrated into existing fleet management systems, making implementation even simpler.

Plan Maintenance Better, Increase Vehicle Availability
With the telemetry system developed by Voith, operators know the exact condition of the transmission and the driveline at all times. Classic maintenance and repair strategies run up against their limits in the face of long usage times, high mileage, difficult climate conditions and the demand for maximum vehicle availability. This is where the automated data collection and analysis of DIWA SmartNet really help. Maintenance and repair tasks can be planned much more easily, vehicle availability is increased and failures are avoided.

The operating data collected from the public transit bus provide information about the actual use of the vehicle and the state of the transmission. In addition, these data provide insight into the entire driveline by supplementing operating data with a traditional fault or event memory, including software functions for early detection of damage. Until now, these data were read by connecting the diagnostic laptop to the transmission control system. As daily vehicle usage times become longer and longer, this task is time- and cost-intensive.

Regular Data Transmission via Wi-Fi and the Internet
To more efficiently use the data on a day-to-day basis, simple, quick and direct access is necessary. DIWA SmartNet from Voith sets up this data transmission path, connecting to the data analysis and visualization functions via a simple user interface. The operator sees the essential operating parameters of the vehicle, such as average speed or current mileage, over the Internet. A maintenance monitor reconciles upcoming maintenance dates with the actual mileage, calculates the maintenance schedule to the day and reports a pending oil change in good time.

DIWA Excellence, the Global Service and Support Program
DIWA SmartNet is a major component of DIWA Excellence, the global service and support program for DIWA transmissions. Individually configured for each operator, DIWA Excellence strives to reduce operating costs and increase vehicle availability. The scope of services includes optimization of fuel consumption based on operating data, worldwide availability of replacement transmissions, service and maintenance agreements, as well as preventive maintenance strategies.

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