Baku2015: 300 New Buses with Voith DIWA Transmissionsin Use at the 1st European Games

For almost 6,000 athletes in 30 sports, the first European Games will begin on June 12, 2015 – and Voith will be there.
Fitted with DIWA automatic transmissions from Voith the new buses in Baku will transport the guests of the European Games in a comfortable and reliable way.
In order to provide comfortable and reliable transportation for the athletes and the many fans and guests, the transportation ministry of Azerbaijan has made an efficient, comfortable local transportation system a priority. The ministry has purchased a total of 300 new buses equipped with Voith DIWA automatic transmissions for “Baku 2015”.

“DIWA transmissions make driving significantly smoother by hydrodynamically transferring part of the force. That means greater comfort for passengers thanks to stepless starting and braking, as well as significantly reduced shifting. Especially when bus transmissions have to perform in difficult stop and go conditions in the city center, we provide the best solution,” emphasized Mustafa Kasımlı, Director of Voith Turbo's Commercial Vehi-cles division for the Eastern Europe - South region. By choosing buses equipped with Voith DIWA automatic transmissions, Azerbaijan has select-ed a proven technology. More than 250,000 buses with DIWA automatic transmissions by Voith are in use worldwide.

The Voith transmissions are equipped with the telemetry system DIWA SmartNet and the diagnostics software ALADIN in order to provide the greatest possible reliability. These systems monitor the drive train and make it possible to reduce operating costs and unplanned vehicle standstills.

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