Modern Karton: Voith process line for packaging paper successful in operation

The new PM 5 for light-weight packaging paper at Modern Karton went into operation on time in Corlu, Turkey, in the middle of 2015. The entire process technology – from the stock preparation to the winder, including automation – was delivered by Voith and is characterized by low fresh water and energy consumption.
Decisive for the choice of supplier were Voith's references in the field of light-weight packaging paper and good experience in working with Voith. Ahmet Eren, managing director of Modern Karton, confirmed: "The comprehensive technological experience of Voith and the sustainability concept of the system convinced us. With this project we can build on our position in the market."

PM 5 is designed for a production speed of 1,500 m/min and has a wire width of 8,180 mm. It produces around 400,000 metric tons of packaging paper annually with a basis weight of 70 to 160 g/m². "We offer paper manufacturers in this growing market segment convincing, attractive solutions. Our system concept is perfectly adapted to the requirements of this market and our customers benefit from resource- and cost-effective, high-quality machines," said Andreas Endters, member of the Voith Paper Board of Management.

The modern stock preparation system comprises two lines and is specially designed for the high percentage of rejects in Turkish waste paper. Also the consumption of resources of the paper machine is as low as currently possible thanks to the technology supplied by Voith. For example, due to the installation of the innovative FlowJec dosing system in the approach flow system of PM 5, it is possible to exactly coordinate the use of chemicals. In addition, the OnV EnergyProfiler software localizes and visualizes all the energy consumption during paper production. Added to this are the automation, rolls and first clothing for the machine as well as all additional services and auxiliary packages. Voith has conducted extensive training for new staff and provides additional technology support. Modern Karton itself has set up a power plant on the mill premises to utilize the residual materials from the production process and to generate energy.

The Turkish company Modern Karton is part of the Eren group and is one of the largest manufacturers of board and packaging paper in Europe. At its Corlu location, 120 km west of Istanbul, 630,000 tons of packaging paper were produced annually on two machines prior to the startup of
PM 5, both for the domestic market as well as for the export market. With the new machine the production will reach 1.2 Mio tons, which represents approx. 50% of Turkey’s total production capacity. Modern Karton has now further expanded its leading position in the market of packaging paper producers in Turkey.

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