Voith FilmLube: Uniform moistening results in improved press felt performance

  • Optimum felt changing interval
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Improvement of CD moisture profile in paper
With FilmLube, Voith is offering a new kind of moistening principle for press felts upstream of the Uhle box. An integrated lubrication gap directly in front of the Uhle box ensures optimum application of water over the entire width of the machine. This protects the felt, ensures a more even CD cross profile and reduces water consumption by avoiding spray mist in the vicinity of the machine. As a result, the safety of machine operators is improved.

More uniform CD moisture profiles, a consistently high felt performance over a record lifetime and the reduction of mist: These were the results achieved by a customer of Voith during the first practical application of the new FilmLube on a tissue machine.

Previously the customer had used low pressure fan showers for lubricating the felts. However, their nozzles got blocked by dirt easily, preventing uniform moistening of the press felt. As a result of partial heating on the Uhle box, the felt could not perform as designed.

Instead of single nozzles that tend to block, FilmLube features an integrated lubricating gap over the entire width of the machine. This allows an even film application that prevents damage to the felt from hot Uhle box surfaces and reduces CD profile variations. Because the water is applied directly, this also avoids spray losses and cuts water consumption. Generally, on a single-width tissue machine, FilmLube uses less than 1.5 m³ water an hour. The targeted application of water ensures that less lubricating water collects next to the machine, reducing the risk of slipping and making work on the machine safer. The integrated lubricating gap also simplifies maintenance and cleaning of FilmLube.

Above all, Voith's FilmLube also reduces the uneven abrasion of the felt, because moistening upstream of the Uhle box prevents its hot surfaces from damaging the material. In a worst case scenario, such damage – e.g. felt fiber breakage – leads to residues in the paper that necessitate a reduction of the felt lifetime and a variation of the felt changing cycles for individual felt positions. Voith has designed FilmLube so that it can be retrofitted to almost all commonly used Uhle boxes.

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