SAPPI Maastricht improves non-contact drying and saves 50% of gas

Since autumn 2012, SAPPI Maastricht has been using the energy-efficient Voith qDry Pro concept for non-contact drying. Peter Pijpers, Manager of Process Technology and Engineering at Sappi Maastricht, is delighted with the increase of energy efficiency: "Almost directly after start-up, the savings were visible, and after only a few weeks, the savings exceeded our expectations." The gas savings amount to approx. 50%.
To avoid deposits on the turning rolls after the last applicator unit and hence color defects on the paper, the turning rolls were replaced with an HCB-Turn. The HCB-Turn allows contactless web turning, while ensuring energy-efficient hot air drying of the coated web at the same time. Broke has been reduced thanks to this rebuild. Moreover, the HCB-Turn allows higher final moisture while maintaining coating quality.

At the same time, the energy savings mentioned above were made possible by the qDry Pro concept, a combination of the HCB-Turn with the existing Voith InfraAir infrared dryers: The infrared dryers were modified and thermically connected to the HCB dryer. Thus, the HCB-Turn is now heated completely by the waste heat of the infrared dryers.

SAPPI is a world-leading producer of high-quality fine papers. In Europe, SAPPI Fine Paper Europe has a production capacity of 3.7 mio. t of fine paper and 1.1 mio. t of pulp per year. The PM 6 of SAPPI Maastricht, Netherlands, produces woodfree coated paper and board in a basis weight range of 180–400 g/m². The working width of PM 6 is 4,300 mm; its operating speed is 850 m/min.

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