Voith Engineering Services works for Bombardier on the new Stockholm metro

Voith Engineering Services will create the 1:1 design model for the new Stockholm metro.
The company has received the commission from the global leader in rail technology, Bombardier Transportation. Bombardier is utilizing an innovative concept development process for the development of the new metro. A life-sized design model known as the "mock-up" enables the customer to experience the vehicle and suggest changes during a very early phase of development. Voith's model construction experts will work on site at Bombardier's facilities in Västerås (Sweden), continuously adapting the model for the municipal public transportation authorities over the course of multiple development phases in order to achieve the final design.

In addition to the aesthetic aspects, Bombardier Transportation also places great importance on the functional characteristics, above all. As such, the operational ergonomics, passenger comfort and efficient maintenance methods can be simulated and also experienced during an early concept phase. For example, this approach allows barrier-free entry and exit, suitable for passengers with disabilities and other special needs, to be tested. The driver's compartment is also fully constructed, providing a realistic replica of the driver's workplace. Furthermore, the customer also emphasizes the importance of characteristics such as the color design, look and feel, spaciousness and, not least of all, the exterior appearance.

For Damian Filer, a Project Manager at Bombardier, one thing was clear: "For a project like this you need a partner with rail expertise, absolute reliability and the highest standards of quality." Which is why Voith's development engineers were all the more pleased to be commissioned with the task. The basic construction of the mock-up will be manufactured at the Voith Prototype Center in Chemnitz before the 19 meters long special construction sets out on its journey to Sweden. "In addition to the technical requirements, this project is also extremely demanding in terms of the logistics and adherence to schedules and deadlines" says Frank Salzwedel, CTO of Voith Engineering Services.


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