Voith’s new edge trim concept EdgeSaver achieves significant savings in valuable virgin fibers

  • EdgeSaver trims the web edge in the stock jet as it exits the headbox
  • Saves valuable virgin fibers and reduces energy requirement
  • Web width can already be adjusted to individual customer requirements in the wet end
The unique EdgeSaver design allows valuable virgin fibers to be saved.
The unique EdgeSaver design allows valuable virgin fibers to be saved.
HEIDENHEIM. With the new EdgeSaver edge trim concept, Voith is effectively improving its range of products for stabilizing the web edge in the headbox area. The innovative system trims the web edge in the stock jet exiting the headbox. As a result, paper manufacturers not only save valuable raw materials like virgin fibers but also reduce the energy consumption for paper production.

In conventional systems, the edge cut on multi-ply machines is only done after couching, so that the mixed trim residues can only be returned to the lower quality stock cycle. By contrast, the innovative design of the EdgeSaver blade offers a simple and energy-efficient solution for adjusting the web edge directly in the headbox jet. Fibers that exceed the required paper web width are not lost in the couch pit, as they are discharged before the suspension reaches the wire. The discharged stock suspension can thus be returned directly to the primary fiber stock cycle in a single-sort process. In addition, the web width can be adjusted to specific customer requirements in the wet end, which offers crucial advantages, above all when producing various paper grades with different run-out widths. As a result, EdgeSaver helps to significantly reduce raw material costs and thus ensures a smaller carbon footprint.

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By using the Voith EdgeSaver we consume less energy and therefore reduce our carbon footprint, because the product allows high-quality fibers to be retained. This means, we not only produce more sustainably, but also more cost-efficiently.
Oliver Kern, Plant Manager at Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel

The EdgeSaver also offers an impressive improvement in paper quality. Thanks to its specially manufactured side shield with a patented, adjustable S-shape, edge waves are minimized. This improves edge stability and also facilitates the successful threading of the web into the press section. The Teflon seal on the underside of the side shield provides an optimal seal to the wire. For the first time, the seal can be adjusted with the machine running.

The EdgeSaver can be mounted to the standard headboxes of all manufacturers. It can be easily installed on both sides of the web in just a few hours during a shutdown. Changing the forming fabric is also not a problem, as the ingenious swivel device enables it to be replaced easily without having to restore the optimized settings on the EdgeSaver afterwards.

The EdgeSaver enables us to variably adjust the paper web width without major rebuild measures. Even with changing production parameters, we are able to produce without restrictions, thus reducing breaks and production losses due to defects in the edge area.
Andreas Jaeger, Plant Manager at MM Neuss GmbH
Its novel operating principle separates the web edge in the stock jet as it leaves the headbox.
Its novel operating principle separates the web edge in the stock jet as it leaves the headbox.

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