700 bar hydrogen vessels for heavy duty trucks

We are shaping the future by industrializing and automating clean and fast production of type IV high-pressure H2 tanks made with towpreg filament winding technology.  

hydrogen storage tank

As an automotive supplier, we bring to the table over 10 years of composites experience in high-volume production, which we are now using to develop and mass-produce 700 bar type IV hydrogen storage systems. Our towpregs have a high filament count and are pre-impregnated with an optimal quantity of resin.

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Carbon fiber composites for high-pressure hydrogen tanks

    Leveraging our experience and know-how in filament winding products, such as CFRP rolls for paper machines, we are building higher storage capacity tanks without compromising safety at high pressures. Not only do we have solid experience in the concept, design, and prototype building of complex automotive parts, but we’re also experts in series production. By enabling the best cost-performance ratio, Carbon4Tank is an ideal and sustainable solution for storing hydrogen, meeting automotive quality standards.

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    Key features

      • Automotive quality standard - 10 years of experience in series production
      • Towpregs - lower material consumption and higher process accuracy
      • Fast, clean, and economical production
      • Robust and flexible sealing concept - down to -60°C (-76° F)
      • Subject to in-house and external safety tests CFRP material recycling concept - sustainability strategy since 2012
      • Lighter than tanks manufactured by conventional wet filament winding
      • Industrialized production process - Composites 4.0 experience
      • Smart factory facilities - digital quality control, data exchange, and traceability
      • Certification according to UN ECE R134 in 2023 Available as a fully integrated solution with the Voith Plug & Drive H₂ Storage System

      Application - Voith Plug & Drive H₂ Storage System

        Information graphic Voith Plug & Drive H2 Storage System

        Making a major contribution to the decarbonization of heavy goods transport, the combined expertise of Voith Turbo and Voith Composites results in high-performing H₂ Storage Systems - complete systems for heavy-duty trucks from tank nozzle to fuel cell inlet. The Plug & Drive H₂ Storage System uses Carbon4Tank and focuses on deep customer integration, sustainability, and circularity over the product lifecycle.

        The H₂ periphery consists of EC79/R134-certified valves and pressure regulators as well as the complete piping with all emergency functions, including leak and function tests prior to delivery. The tanks are installed vertically, which provides higher crash protection of the valves compared to other market vessel solutions.

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        Delivering industry-leading innovation

          We're developing recycling solutions for hydrogen storage tanks and manufacturing methods to produce automotive parts from the recycled materials. Our focus lies on advancing two distinct recycling approaches in particular: one tailored for recycling of manufacturing scraps, and the other designed for end-of-life (EOL) components like hydrogen tanks. Read more in CompositesWorld's article.

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          700 bar type IV hydrogen storage tank

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