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Voith was founded in 1867 in Heidenheim, southern Germany. To this day, the technology group has its headquarters in the town in the eastern part of Baden-Württemberg. At more than 20 locations in Germany, Voith employees design innovative products and sustainable solutions for all business divisions. The broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital solutions serves five essential markets in all regions of the world: energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.

Voith is deeply rooted in Germany and is an active member of numerous initiatives and associations. The company is also committed to culture, education and the development of young talents.

As a globally active and networked company, Voith supports its customers locally with experience and competence for successful cooperation and optimal results.


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Education and training in the digital age

The digital transformation of the industry creates new demands on employees. Companies such as Voith invest in training and further education, sometimes imparting completely new skills so that employees can apply state-of-the-art technologies. And they do this continuously, because digitalization as an ongoing process requires continuous learning. Voith lives the digital change and, as a family-owned company, provides its employees worldwide with comprehensive support in acquiring new knowledge. This includes training courses at the Voith Training Center in Heidenheim, workshops at the Voith Innovation Lab – Powered by Ray Sono in Berlin, and the use of the in-house interactive e-learning platform DRIVE.

Making the industry fit for the future

Whether user-friendly data visualizations, cloud solutions or the use of artificial intelligence – digital transformation offers many possibilities for making production processes more secure and efficient. The technology company Voith combines its many years of industry know-how with digital expertise to promote industrial innovation and develop state-of-the-art IIoT platforms such as OnCumulus and interfaces for the smart factory of tomorrow. Among others, the Voith Innovation Lab – Powered by Ray Sono in Berlin and the Digital Campus in Heidenheim were founded for this purpose.

Modern and intelligent hydropower plants as a contribution to a greener future

According to a forecast by the International Energy Agency (IEA), global energy demand will increase by 30 percent by 2040. To meet this demand, we need a clean and efficient power generation system. No other source of electricity meets these requirements better than hydropower. As a reliable partner for more than 150 years, Voith offers everything needed for the sustainable and future-oriented use of hydropower. Through modernizations such as the Rheinfelden hydropower plant in southern Baden-Württemberg, Voith is helping to ensure that clean energy production from hydropower will continue to be guaranteed in the future. In addition, intelligent hydropower solutions such as OnCare.Acoustic or OnCare.Health Hydro make it possible to detect irregularities in power plant operation at an early stage. The data is analyzed by experts in the OnPerformance.Lab in Heidenheim and, in the event of acute danger, is forwarded directly to the power plant operator. In this way, damage to the power plant or downtimes can be avoided at an early stage and smooth operation can be ensured.

Driving the future of mobility

Cities are growing rapidly worldwide. According to the United Nations, by 2050 more than two thirds of the world's population will live in urban areas. In Germany, too, the proportion of urban dwellers is forecast to continue to rise significantly. Today's mobility solutions cannot cope with this volume of traffic and the associated emissions. As one of the leading suppliers of mobility technologies and services, Voith develops reliable, resource-saving, low-emission and intelligent solutions for sustainable public transport systems on road, rail and water - for example the Voith Electrical Drive System (VEDS) for buses. The company also focuses on the digitalization of bus and train traffic. For example at the Voith Turbo location in Salzgitter and in the form of the Smart Schaku solution developed here, which enables the condition of couplers to be monitored in real time. The objective: to use Smart Data and make vehicle operation significantly more efficient.

Papermaking of the future

Information carrier and protective packaging paper has been indispensable for centuries. And it continues to gain in importance in a world geared towards sustainability. As a partner to the industry, Voith combines its more than 150 years of experience with digital know-how to improve all paper production processes through innovations and intelligent solutions. To this end, Voith relies on industry-related research and basic research in cooperation with German universities to reduce the consumption of resources and further increase the energy efficiency and quality of the final paper product. For the future of paper – and a future with paper.

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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers ist customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services that serve the five essential markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.

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