Galea Crash Concept

Ahead in Safety.

Galea Crash Concept. Maximum Energy Adsorption in All Cases.

For passenger trains up to 200 km/h, we have developed a crash concept that satisfies all safety requirements despite being considerably lighter than its predecessor.
Energy absorption has been built into the structure of the vehicle head. The head is made mostly from composite fiber materials. A concept that combines light weight, high security and a variable design.

Galea: The Integrated Crash Structure


The reduced weight of the vehicle head offers several advantages. The axle loads and wear on the train and track are minimized.. This also results in reduced CO2 emission. We replace the earlier heavy steel constructions with a lightweight structure, made preferably from fiber composite. In this process, we take particular care to ensure that all requirements regarding collision safety (EN 15227), fire protection (EN 45545) and noise and heat insulation are met. The complete head module also contains a multistage crash concept with energy absorption elements that can be replaced in the event of a collision.


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  • More economical and environmentally friendly due to significant weight reduction and recycling capabilities
  • High standard of safety assured by compliance with the standards governing collision safety and fire protection
  • Replaceable energy absorption elements
  • Modular construction makes for short installation times
  • Variable design allows simple adaptation to various vehicle geometries