M&D roll barring

M&D roll barring

Extending the service life of roll covers

The aim of analyzing roll barring is to find and eliminate the causes of roll barring on press and calender rolls. Therefore, the service life of roll covers can be extended.

Finding the causes of roll barring is done in three steps. In a vibration analysis, the mechanical vibrations during production and continuous start-up attempts are investigated before and after the roll change. Then laboratory tests are conducted on calendered and uncalendered longitudinal paper samples. This investigation also includes an analysis of the impact on barring due to disturbances in the paper that arose before the calender.

Finally, an investigation of the affected rolls takes place. A circumferential measurement along the roll axis is taken through which the barring pattern is determined and then analyzed. If sources of disturbance are determined, recommendations are provided to correct the problem. The measures allow an extension of the grinding intervals, checking whether the grinding of roll covers has been successful is possible.

Analysis of roll barring is done on press and calender rolls for the purpose of determining significant sources of disturbance in the nearby environment.


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