M&D paper quality – flatness

M&D paper quality – flatness

Targeted analysis of causes with quality problems

With the aid of coordinated analyses and methods of measurement, Voith Paper uncovers the causes of paper quality problems. This facilitates meaningful and cost-efficient measures for optimization.

The combination of the most varied measurement procedures and the well-founded know-how of Voith experts allows a quick analysis of the underlying reasons for paper problems. Among the quality problems investigated are fluctuations in basis weight (e.g., barring, streaks in MD, etc.); ash (e.g., diagonal light and dark streaks); thickness (e.g., ripple marks due to the calender); gloss, opacity or porosity; and MD/CD tensile ratio and bending stiffness.

Blistering, cockling, curling, fluting, finger grooves, overstretching and formation of creases in the paper are also typical problems investigated in the course of an analysis. The methods of measurement and the approach are individually tailored to the product and the problems. 
M&D quality analyses, including independent benchmark comparisons with comparable machine, are conducted to identify underlying causes of quality problems.


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