From the Archives

Anecdotes and exciting stories

From an adventurous boat trip with Gottlieb Daimler to a flight from the Chinese Revolution

The Voith archives hold many exciting stories about the company founders and their employees. Here are some of the most entertaining anecdotes.

The friends Gottlieb Daimler and Friedrich Voith

Be it the first automobile or a motor boat - Friedrich Voith and Gottlieb Daimler can't wait to test technical achievement. Not always without incidents. more

From Heidenheim
to New York

Voith engineer Albert Ungerer travels to the USA to negotiate a turbine order for a power station. His experiences on the way are recorded in a diary. more

Diary of the Voith engineer Albert Ungerer

From New York Albert Ungerer travels on to the Niagara Falls. Here is the power station for which Voith is supposed to supply huge turbines. But will Ungerer get the order? more

The adventures of the Voith engineer Karl Mustière

Foreign customs, a wedding abroad and two revolutions: engineer Karl Mustière has experienced a lot during his trips for Voith more