HyCon Control System

HyCon Control System 

We have combined our long-term process know how and control system expertise to create a hydro specific control system solution, HyCon 400 and 300. With the aid of numerous modules, we are able to quickly and cost effectively engineer tailor-made solutions for hydropower plants of every type and size. The HyCon control system is your reliable and safe solution for new plants as well as for modernization projects.


Proven standard - Powered by SIMATIC

The HyCon control systems are based on Siemens SIMATIC S7 components which represent a worldwide accepted, widely spread and well established industrial standard.


Open communication

Open communication standards are an absolute must for a modern power plant control system. HyCon supports a wide range of open interfaces including IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 and IEC 61850. The HyCon automation family offers open interfaces to exchange data with various IT systems like MES, ERP and CMMS. 


HyCon 400 is designed to fulfil ambitious requirements such as the automation of pumped storage plants with very challenging demands regarding safety and reliability. It is our preferred solution for ambitious tasks like stabilization of the grid.

The system is designed to cover a considerable range of requirements. For this purpose, HyCon 400 is extremely scalable and grows with the demands. Starting from an economic all-in-one concept up to distributed architectures and redundancy in all levels of the system, HyCon 400 is prepared to meet all your requirements.

Furthermore, a broad spectrum of standard interfaces allows the integration of existing components into the control system – this is especially valuable for modernization projects.

Major features in detail:

  • Powered by Siemens SIMATIC PCS7
  • Hydro specific block library
  • Scalable redundancy for PLCs, network, server and I/O
  • Distributed server configurations for multi-unit plants, very complex auxiliaries and others
  • Ergonomically designed process screens which help to focus the user attention to what is most relevant
  • Independent local operation

The HyCon 300 is a compact design system combining leading-edge technology with economic efficiency.

HyCon 300 is a pre-tested system which guarantees highest quality. Economic efficiency is assured by innovative, standardized concepts. We offer an outstanding high-quality product using durable and reliable components. Advanced software engineering and application of modular principles, as well as the specific focus on the requirements of hydroelectric power stations afford an excellent price performance ratio. Finally short delivery times and a rapid commissioning are guaranteed.

Major features in detail:

  • Based on Siemens SIMATIC S7 300 / S7 400 and SIMATIC WinCC
  • Hydro specific block library, step sequences and faceplate technology
  • Open IEC 60870-5-104 communication
  • Open IEC 61850 communication