HyCon MD

HyCon MD Monitoring, Analysis, Diagnostics 

HyCon MD is the Voith Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostic system; a valuable tool due to its outstanding capabilities to support early fault detection and preventive maintenance. It combines our engineering and manufacturing expertise with operational experience and knowledge to design a powerful tool tailored to your individual hydropower plant.

An intelligent monitoring, analysis and diagnostics system like HyCon MD is an important extension within the HyCon family for the probable root cause analysis of the machine behaviour. Vibration diagnostics and air gap analysis are two examples of well known and acknowledged machine monitoring methods in the hydropower industry.

To meet various demands for different types, sizes and operation modes of hydropower machines, we offer:

  • Highly scalable systems
  • Tailored solutions regarding protection, monitoring, analysis and diagnostics
  • Predefined standard configurations for sensors to assure reliable and safe measurement and protection functions


The highly sensitive measuring systems that are adapted to the requirements of hydropower machines (e.g. low speed) ensure effective condition based monitoring and maintenance and thus increase the life cycle of rotating machines as well as the plant availability and reliability.

To provide for plant safety, the primary task of monitoring is to

  • identify the plant’s individual optimum condition
  • recognize imminent damage early on
  • optimize modes of operation
  • allow for scheduled maintenance.

The HyCon MD monitoring module evaluates all measurements and characteristic values as a function of operation mode and operation point and include logical functions based on parameters that generate trip signals to be transferred to the mechanical protection of the unit.

The following monitoring functions are supported by the HyCon MD concept:

  • Shaft vibration
  • Bearing vibration
  • Turbine headcover vibration
  • Stator core vibration
  • Labyrinth vibration
  • End winding vibration
  • Axial vibration
  • Partial discharge
  • Generator air gap
  • Magnetic flux
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Shaft current monitoring
  • Cavitation monitoring

Most monitoring systems only measure values and create alarms based on limit values. However, in order to extend the benefit for the plant operator the system must be able to efficiently support preventive maintenance strategies.

Our HyCon MD modules are specifically designed to meet these advanced requirements:

  • Highly sensitive measurement technology with adapted analysis techniques.
  • Diagnostic intelligence for proper selection of specific parameters and comparison of the measured values with the expected behavior depending on specific plant conditions and machine operation modes.
  • Tailor-made systems to meet specific conditions such as very low speed or various operating modes with highly volatile excitation requirements.
  • Precise machine monitoring through intelligent measuring and analysis systems covering analytical evaluation of pre-processed values from the measurement device – as for example frequency analysis providing frequency selective observation results – and the calculation of further hydro specific characteristic values.

HyCon MD with its flexibility and adaptive modular configuration provides a powerful tool for reliable diagnostics for safe operation all the time. Many monitoring systems are able to measure and present the results using standard evaluation methods. In contrast, Voith as a machine manufacturer understands the process and knows how to interpret these measurements.

This Hydro specific knowledge is integrated in the HyCon MD system – a clear added value for the plant operator. A knowledge database automatically processes the results of the analysis. The database is adapted individually to each power unit and is largely based on fully customized dynamic machine models. A mathematical model of the unit ensures quantitative and qualitative evaluations since it incorporates the highest process know-how and all existing mechanical couplings. In addition, operational experience can be integrated into the knowledge database.

Additional benefit is reached via supporting modules like the Balance module.