HyCon Optimization Modules

 HyCon Optimization Modules

In addition to standard supervision and monitoring functions intelligent optimization modules are important extensions within the scope of our HyCon family. They can significantly enhance the profitability of a plant by increasing its annual energy output and by reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Our goal is to use every liter of water in the most efficient way by means of HyCon Optimization modules.


Cam Curve Optimization

The outstanding feature of Kaplan and Bulb turbines is their high efficiency in a wide head range thanks to adjustability of wicket gates and runner blades. For the optimum efficiency of these types of turbines the relationship between wicket gates opening and runner blades position (Cam Curve) as a function of various operating parameters is determined by model tests, index tests or calculations.

The Kaplan optimization module is correcting an inaccurate dependency automatically. Reasons for inaccuracies and differences between model and prototype turbine are:

  • Effects in the riverbed-like sandbanks or ground shifts as well as the influence of the neighboring machines
  • Dirt accumulation on the trash rack
  • Variations in the blade surface (for example due to cavitation or erosion damages)
  • Reynolds number
  • The influence of pressure gradients on the two-phase flow between the blades if the turbine prototype differs from the turbine model.


The optimization is done during normal operation of the machine. The optimization method adds small changes to the wicket gate and runner blade opening. Thanks to the steady machine flow the disturbance of the machine operation is negligible.

We offer a module to fully automatically optimize the cam curve that directly results in optimizing the profitability of the hydropower plant.


Plant Optimization

Typically the demands for multi-unit hydropower plants are defined related to the plant and not in relation to the individual unit. This offers the opportunity to benefit from the degrees of freedom, which exist inside the plant to fulfil the required demands.

Use water efficiently - The load dispatcher requires a specific plant output to be fed into the grid and does not care about the individual units which are in operation. The HyCon plant optimization distributes the power to the units in operation in the most efficient way taking into consideration deviations in design, efficiency and water passages. So the plant optimization helps to save valuable water.

Maximized output - The same is true for run-of-the river power plants. In this case there is usually a given water inflow to be passed through the plant. The given flow will be distributed to the units in operation in the most efficient way. So the output of the plant is maximized taking the advantage of differences between the unit’s operational behavior caused by deviations in the hydraulic characteristics or differences in the water passages.


The optimization methods implemented in the HyCon plant optimization module are applicable for all types of hydraulic machines, whereas the expectable benefit by tendency is higher for Francis units than for Kaplan turbines. For the processing of the optimization a detailed plant model including characteristic curves and physical models for

  • turbine
  • generator
  • shut-off and closing devices
  • water passages
    is used.


Joint Control

The Voith Hydro Joint Control (JC) is an integral part of the HyCon Control Systems. It is the approved approach to optimize the active and reactive load distribution. Accordingly the discharge distribution is optimized in plants with multiple units.

Water Management Control

HyCon Water Management Control is the central element in management of your water storage facility.

Dam and weir control is used on numerous rivers to optimize water resource management and generate energy as well as to improve conditions for shipping.

Water resource management employs weirs, locks and the turbines in hydroelectric plants. Efficient and optimized operation of these installations must always comply with the regulations governing water management and for efficient and optimized operation should be automated to the greatest extent.

Thanks to the many years of experience and expertise gain with its HyCon WMC Water Management Control, Voith can satisfy all of the requirements associated with stored water facility management:

  • Efficient and optimized operation of the water storage facility
  • Flood protection
  • Water level and discharge control
  • Stored water facility management
  • Optimized operation of cascades