Turbine Governor

Turbine Governor 

The ability to control a hydropower unit and the quality of the electric power it provides largely depends upon the performance of the turbine governing system. Voith Hydro is developing and manufacturing the core components of the turbine governor systems since more than 115 years. Today over 18.000 complete turbine governors were delivered and installed world-wide by Voith Hydro.

Our optimally aligned turbine governor packages include all equipment for an outstanding control performance of any kind of turbine:

  • Oil supply and pumping groups
  • Pressure tanks (low and high pressure applications)
  • Main valves for the oil supply
  • Regulating valves
  • Control elements

These optimally designed packages are pre-condition to fully play all strengths of our HyCon digital governors and to provide an outstanding performance in turbine controls.

Voith is a supplier of low pressure governor systems as well as high pressure governor systems depending on turbine type, size and application. Our self-image is to deliver:

  • Maximum safety and availability
  • Maximum life time
  • Maximum sensitivity and accuracy
  • Minimum losses

The complexity of the turbine governor mainly depends on the type and size of turbine:

  • Francis turbine and pump turbines- single regulated
  • Kaplan / Bulb turbines - double regulated
  • Pelton turbines - multiple (up to 12) control loops
  • Pump turbines with Voith - individual gate control

Voith is providing solutions for any kind of turbine and complexity.

Governor Oil Supply


Low pressure solutions

Low pressure solutions (up to 63 bars) can be used for all types of turbines, they do perfectly fit to large hydraulic machines, but are also an absolutely safe and reliable solution for any kind of hydraulic machine. Voith Hydro delivers all components for your customized solution:

  • Oil sump tank with pump groups
  • Main valves for the energy production
  • Pressure tank for energy storage
  • High pressure air compressors for air replenishment
  • Sensors and actuators

Voith Hydro’s own manufacturing of core components include:

  • Safety valves with CE conformity
  • Changeover valves
  • Non return valves
  • Sump tank and accessories


High Pressure Solutions

High pressure solutions (up to 160 bars) can be used for all types of turbines, they are often a cost effective solution for small and medium sized hydraulic machines. Voith Hydro delivers all components for your customized solution:

  • Oil sump tank with pump groups
  • Main valves for the energy production
  • Piston accumulator station with nitrogen filling
  • Sensors and actuators

Voith’s own manufacturing of core components include:

  • High pressure oil pumps
  • Emergency changeover valves
  • Sump tank and accessories


Governor Control Elements

The importance of interfacing the control system to the machine is frequently under estimated. The electro-hydraulic converters to operate the servomotors, which are the main control elements for the hydroelectric power conversion processes are individually designed for each power unit. Our wealth of experience in hydro power engineering helps us to create the required level of reliability and control accuracy.

To add matching actuators to the digital governor, we design and deliver all required first class control elements for the turbine control. Voith Hydro’s specialized own manufactured components for governor controls:

  • Control valves up to DN 200
  • Moving-coil type servo valves (TSM 6) including quick shutdown device

The advantage of moving-coil type servo valves compared to a standard proportional valve is the up three times longer life time

  • Emergency shutdown / changeover valves
  • Hydraulically controlled shutoff valves
  • Voith Control Amplifier (VCA)
  • Speed monitoring with tooth disc and proximity transducers
  • Mechanical overspeed protection


Digital Governor

The HyCon digital governor is designed as an integral part of our HyCon Control System family. Our digital governors combine leading-edge technology with concepts that have proven their reliability and performance under all operating conditions over many years.

By using the best hardware and software available it offers the highest availability. Because of its modular and flexible design, the governor can be customized to satisfy the requirements of every type of turbine.

Our governors are designed to meet the high level of safety standards embedded in all Voith products. The HyCon digital governor has included all control modes required for any type of turbine:

  • Speed control
  • Opening control (with or without frequency influence)
  • Power control (with or without frequency influence)
  • Water level control (with or without frequency influence)
  • Flow control
  • Pump control

Furthermore, our extensive process know-how as a turbine manufacturer enables us to supply:

  • Optimized functions for surge control
  • Integrated cam-curve optimization
  • Individual servomotor control
  • Multi-needle control.

Main features of the HyCon digital turbine governor:

  • Meets and surpasses all relevant international standards
  • Excellent dynamic behavior
  • Primary and secondary control
  • Parameter access and change without engineering tools
  • Independent local operation
  • Wide range of redundancy concepts
  • Hard- and software diagnostics in the PLC controller
  • Flexible remote access solutions
  • Optimized interaction with Voith excitation system Thyricon

Proven hardware - Powered by Siemens SIMATIC

The HyCon digital governor is based on Siemens SIMATIC S7 components which represent a worldwide accepted, widely-spread and well established industrial standard characterized by:

Open communication

Open communication standards are an absolute must for modern governor systems. HyCon governors support a wide range of open interfaces including IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 and IEC 61850.


Hydraulic controls for inlet valves and other valves

Voith Hydro is delivering all components for further hydraulic control systems like:

  • Ring gate controls
  • Butterfly valve controls
  • Spherical valve controls
  • Sleeve valve controls
  • Gate controls for intake and draft tube
  • Torque converter controls
  • Pressure relief valve controls