Environmentally-friendly hydro products

Minimizing the impact on the environment

All forms of energy production require balancing tradeoffs with benefits. Throughout Voith Hydro’s unparalleled industrial experience spanning more than 100 years, the organization has been working to minimize the impact of hydropower on the environment. Specifically, ensuring safe fish passage has been one of Voith’s industry goals for the last 50 years, leading the company to conduct analytical and physical modeling in its laboratories. Greaseless technologies have been commonly used to maintain water quality for more than twenty years.

Developing fish passage technology to allow for direct turbine passage began in earnest in the 1990s and continues to this day. The goal for these efforts is to reach fish passage levels similar to those that existed prior to hydropower installation at a given site, while minimizing cost and efficiency loss.

Alden Turbine                 

One of the newest improvements to fish passage technology comes through development of an innovative runner concept by Alden Research Laboratory in partnership with Voith. read more

Aerating Turbine Technology

To address water quality issues, Voith has developed state of the art aerating turbine technologies to improve dissolved oxygen levels with minimal impact on energy generation. read more

Minimum Gap Runner

By minimizing the gaps of runner blades, Voith minimizes the effects of gap flows on fish survival. read more

Oil-Free Hubs

Oil-free turbines now prevent release of pollutants into the water. read more